Happy Ground Hog's Day!

party_music50February 2, 2014

My favorite holiday of the year! No presents required, no special decorations, and by Feb 2 the absolute worst of the winter is behind us! I haven't checked on Phil's prediction yet... either way, there's lots more than 6 weeks of winter left for us! :p

Also wanted to show you something fun I put together yesterday for my BF.... just a quick pic... I need to get some matting material to finish it correctly, but wanted to see how it would look. He said he likes it and I didn't even have to ask!!! LOL!

PS: I took this pic with my new ipad and I have rotated it to be upright, but photobucket flipped it back and when I rotate and save it ends up posted upside-down. grrrrr!!!! I don't know why it can't deal with this photo!

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Happy Ground Hog's Day to you too
I don't know what Phil predicted either,
Love the picture even if it's upside down

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well, I rotated the pic AGAIN and it keeps coming back upside-down. Maybe their "replace original file" function isn't working right! but I've re-done it about 10 times already, so I give up!

That's the cloth sack from a salt-cured Virginia ham he made last night! He's originally from VA and loves them, so I asked a long-time on-line friend if she could find one and mail it to me. It cost a lot, but was worth every penny. Especially considering that it also made 'art'! :O) It's perfect with the red wax pig that I bought in Williamsburg! :)

I think I'll frame up some other fabric food sacks for a theme... like a burlap rice bag, etc.... he'd like that!

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Cute idea Party....I think a wall of framed burlap food sacks
would make a nice display. I've seen that in magazines and really
liked the look.
Well...looks like, according to Phil, we're in for a longer Winter...
Seems with or without Phil it's still the same time...lol
Although here in the NE, we're in for a pretty mild day...great for
Super Bowl ! Gooooo Denver....!!

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PM, love your cloth sack framed! Your red wax pig is
so cute hanging beside it. I have some of my DGM's
old flour sacks that I hope to do something with one
day. Keep this up and it might inspire me to get going!
However, with all my cabinets and hutches I don't have
alot of room to hang things in our kitchen and DR.hmmm

Jane, it's GO Seattle Seahawks here from MT!!!


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