Culinarian Rangetop - Install? URGENT

toddimtMarch 8, 2012

Ok my counters are in and the cutouts have been made. The manual is horrible and far as instruction so I have a question. Is the rangetop basically just self supported by the countertop (Back and side lip) and thus hanging in the air. OR.... is there supposed to be a platform/base below that the bottom rests on?

Right now I have 9 3/16" from the countertop's top to the top of my drawer cabinet below. I have stuff from cabinet maker to build a platform so that the top of the platform would be 7 1/2" to the top of the counter. But.... I don't want to do that if its unnecessary.

If you did have a platform 71/2" below, then you couldn't just slide the rangetop in, well you could but would have to connect the gas line after, since there would be no extra room to have that slide that in as well. What the manual is missing is a min dimension between the rangetop bottom and the cabinet below. Also, if it is in fact supported solely by the countertop, then it should clearly state this as well.

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Call Capital: (866) 402-4600 Toll Free

They'll put you in touch with a tech. Worked for me on install (with another question).

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It hangs off the countertop; it does not need to be supported by the cabinet below.

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Todds, please see the picture below, this is the cutout for our Culinarian.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It hangs from the countertop -- the Capital drawings are TERRIBLE!


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