Electrolux Icon 36' Induction or Jenn-Air 36' Gas Downdraft Stove

JulierlaMarch 4, 2012

Item numbers are:

Electrolux Icon 36" induction drop in cooktop: E361C801SS

Fridgadaire vent: PL36DD50EC

Jenn-Air 36" gas integrated downdraft drop in cooktop: JGD3536WS

First post on this forum. I've lurked around for the past couple weeks and have searched and searched without quite getting the answers to my question.

So I currently have a center island electric stove top with a back telescoping downdraft that I am upgrading FINALLY! for my birthday. I have hated cooking on electric since we bought this house six years ago. I don't need to go into detail. Electric is electric. I had decided on the Electrolux Icon induction stovetop with a Fridgadaire 36" telescoping vent (same item number as the Electrolux but lower price). The installer came out to make sure everything would work with my current granite cutout and cabinet space. At first he said the Electrolux would not fit, but that was incorrect info and the store I'm buying through cleared that up. Anyway, the installer suggested we consider going with either a Jennair gas downdraft or the GE model. I have always cooked on gas. It's what I know. The builders in my area have finally caught on and now mainly only build using gas. So the problem is I cannot run a gas line through the outside vent line. Makes sense. Hot grease build up + possible gas line leak. An overhead vent is not an option in my house. The Jenn-Air has a conversion kit to convert it to duct free ventilation. This feature will vent onto my feet. My husband (who does not cook. I know the cook gets the say), was completely against running a gas line (he's a contractor and will run it himself but didn't want the headache) until the installer came out. After I researched for days on here and other sites about all things and brands Induction, I was sold on the Icon being my best option mainly for the HOB layout. Miele being my second choice. My husband is now thinking maybe we should go with the gas. I'm wavering between what I've always known and loved and what seems like a dream to cook on, easy to clean, and my gut says less of a headache down the road. I have read what few reviews I've been able to find online for the Jenn-Air and the Icon. I believe the Icon reviews better. Testing the Jenn-Air to see how bad the venting to the floor is is not an option. I am hoping someone can help me make this decision. Thank you for any feedback.

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Sophie Wheeler

Induction will be superior over gas. Overhead venting is superior over the fairly useless downdraft ventilation. Downdraft venting is on a scale with opening the window. If you can't vent overhead, then look at moving the cooktop somewhere that you can do overhead venting. You'll get a more functional layout.

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Thank you for this advice. Gutting my kitchen and starting new is not an option. Knowing I'm working under less than ideal conditions is hard enough. But it is what it is. I've explored my options and I'm limited to these two options unless we move into a full reno which we are not going to do for a few years. Thank you for your suggestion of going with induction. I appreciate any and all advice short of moving my stove which is not an option.

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We recently bought a house with an older Amana downdraft gas range. After cooking on electric coil then electric glass top for the last 11 years I was excited to have gas... until I cooked on it. For an old piece of junk range, the downdraft was remarkably strong. Therein was the problem: the downdraft sucks the flames inward so cooking was horribly uneven. I really wanted to go induction but there wasn't room to do an induction range plus pop up downdraft and the cost of relocating an oven to a wall and doing an induction cooktop and pop up vent was cost prohibitive, so instead we bought a new gas range and are installing (in the coming weeks!) an overhead island vent, since our range is on a peninsula.

Sorry this got so long, but I have strong feelings about the darn gas downdraft after being stuck with it for the last 6 months.

Funny PS - we got our new range Thursday, ahead of doing our countertops early next month. It can't be installed right away due to an issue with the location of the gas outlet thingy and also the existing counters are in the way by about 1/4 inch. I'm happy cooking with a two burner hot plate, a toaster oven and a 12 year old convection oven combo microwave. That's how much I loathe the gas downdraft.

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Mamameme, Thank you for your thoughts. After spending an hour pouring through negatives of Jenn-Air users, I am 1000% confident in my choice to go induction. I hope you love your new stove when you get to it!

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