Any Ideas How Much This Car Might Be Worth?

thirdfrtOctober 4, 2005


Would anyone happen to know what a 1983 Mercury Cougar might go for? My mother bought this car brand new in 1983 and it only has 20,650 miles on it.

It is silver in color and is a tudor. It was repainted by ford after she noticed some peeling. It has a 6 Cylinder Engine, tires are not that old and she just had a new fuel line put on it just last month, which cost her around 250 dollars to have fixed. They had to order it from California to get the part. The interior is in excellent shape, no tears or rips of any kind. The Carpet looks like new and there are no chipped, cracked or broken parts on the dashboard either.

There is a little bit of rust on the bottom of the passenger side door but no where else. The Air conditioning coolant leaked out about a year ago. We never replaced it. To expensive.

There is a classic car dealership not to far from where we live and we have talked to a person there and he said he would give her a fair price. My question is what would be a fair price and is there anyway I can find this out on the internet? Blue book only goes as far back as 1986.

the Cougar was a mechanical twin of the Ford Thunderbird (and nearly a visual twin as well), both cars would be drawn up simultaneously. (Part of the article)

This particular Cougar has also been called a Thunderbird Cougar, since it was patterned after the Thunderbird but with some modification.

My mother had a stroke and got over that, then she fell and was hurt pretty badly and that stopped her driving. We have kept it up for her and now it is time for it to go. We just want her to get a fair price for it and not be taken. I won't let that happen.

All help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You!


Here is a link that might be useful: 1983 Mercury Cougar

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funny you should post this now, my buddy just inherited the same yr t-bird from his dad, it has 24,000 on it. its in what sounds like about the same condition. he put his up for $850.00 so far he has had an offer of 650.00 said if he gets 700.00 its gone. you shouldnt have any problem getting rid of it if it runs decent. always someone looking for cheap transportation. with kids going back to school now it should sell quick.

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..there's usually some kid making good bucks with a new mustang or something despertaly searching for a 2nd reliable grandma's grocery getter with low miles, only driven on sundays -- for while he hops up, and repairs his new car.
Cept for the lack of A.C. which would be very important to most people, that car would sell instantly here for $1000 or 12oo and you might kick yourself thinking you sold it too cheaply.

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it is too expensive to refill the freon with R12, but, the 134a changeover kits are only about 30-75.00 and it would make the car go from 700.00 up to about 2000.00 the classic Bill elliot racecar shape of those old cugars should sell quite easily

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It's not too expensive to refill with freon. Don't know where people get that idea. It is more than 134A, but not that much. At least it isn't here. For $30 - $75, all you're going to get is different fittings, a few cans of 134A, and a sticker to put on the compressor that says it's been changed over. To change over properly would require flushing the system and replacing the accumulator at least. That would cost a lot more than a simple leak repair, if it even needs that, and recharge with r-12. To do any more than that would exceed the value of the car.

Wish the car was closer. I'd buy it for my daugher.

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Hi all,

I went into google and typed in NADA Guides for classic cars and looked up my information there. For anyone looking for information on a classic car this may help.

Thanks everyone for your input.


Here is a link that might be useful: NADA GUIDES

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Just thought I would post back to let you know that my mother sold the car. Thinking that we may have to try again this spring, we took it in for the safety and emissions inspections and they both passed. This was in October and it sold 3 weeks later, so the guy was able to transfer his license without having to have it reinspected. It sold for 2300 dollars.

A classic car dealer offered her 500 dollars and her message to him was, "I may be old but I'm not stupid". LOL!!! The first thing that the classic car dealer did was get the NADA Car Guide but, he didn't know that I already had the information in hand, so I just let him talk and when he came out with that he would give her 500 dollars for it, I said no way and when I called her she gave him that message. I found this very strange but, just before we left with the car this dealer came back outside with someone else and said if we got 1200 dollars for it to take it. I thought, oh so you will only give her 500 but if someone offers her 1200 take it? I thought Yeah and I have your number too mister and I wouldn't buy anything from you if someone paid me to do so. What a jerk.

The person who bought it had his car wrecked (someone hit him in the back and totaled his 1988 ford car) and he was looking for an older car and liked how the cougar looked inside and out. He liked how it drove and it didn't matter to him if the air worked or not. She had just spent 300 dollars on it to have a new fuel line put on it and so that was brand new; plus the fact that it had just been inspected and passed also helped to sell the car.

I think the new owner will be really happy with it because it is in really good shape and the best part about it is that she can still look outside and see the car, her next door neighbor bought it. Who knew that the buyer would be so close. :-) One last thing, he is a very honest and kind man and I am very happy that he is the new owner.


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Sounds like a fair deal for both parties.

A car dealer can't give you anything for a car. They can't give you what it's worth, sell it for what it's worth, and make a living. They can go to auctions every week and pick up newer more popular cars for less than 1/2 of what you'd ever consider selling yours for. It's nothing personal, it's just another car to them.

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Older cars are wonderful when they are running and when YOU are driving them. When YOU want to sell a very nice older car, YOU'LL never get YOUR money out of it. I traded in a really nice loaded 1977 Chevy Malibu. The dealer gave me $800.00 for it. A week later it sold on a used car lot for $3995.00. It really is "cheaper to keep her."

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