gas prices heading back up

bill_hOctober 1, 2005

seems like gas prices are heading back uo toward 3.00 a gal.,at least here in the detroit area.

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Its going up here also.It went to $3.19 today after being $2.99 for a awhile and it was down to $2.79 before the last hurricane.

There also lining there pockets off the consumer for propane LP now that winter is getting closer.$1.69 and thats probably just the beginning.

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my local station put baggs over their pumps. the big stations are up to 3.39 Here in NC

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For regular? I thought I was getting ripped paying $2.59!

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I passed one store selling regular diesel for US$3.189/gallon. Lucky for me I filled up on premium diesel the night before at "just" $2.899/gallon.

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I bought my Prius last February (had been on order for 5 months). Haven't regretted it and not just because of gas prices. My grandson was whining about how he couldn't afford to do anything with his friends as his dad limits his allowance. I told him firmly ride your bike to school, walk and drive at least 5 miles below the speed limit if you have to drive. Skip the extraneous running around. Bet his money will go a lot further if he follows my advice. Actually I expect gas prices, hurricane or not, to be around 3.60 by mid summer 2006. Oil reserves are not the property of the USA and any country that wants to sell elsewhere is fine by me. It's time to change american priorities, if gas prices go high enough, that just might happen.

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