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AnthonyMarch 9, 2013

Looking for feedback on a couple of designs.

15' x 10'.

The first one here is minimal plumbing movement (and in the proper direction -- supplies and drains would get shorter along the same line).

There is an existing two-door L closet where that new mini-walk in would be.

This would be the cheapest and easiest for us to demo and do.

A few things:
Still not sold on that closet, but we do need the space. MBR has a long reach in closet, but it is shared. Even organized, we could use a few more feet of closet rod.
Vanity is nice, but small (60"). Wife would like a makeup area, but obviously none in this design.

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Here's the second layout we're considering. Longer vanity with seating area. Closet gets smaller and the rod would have to go the short way (so step in, but not really a walk-in).

Again, not sold on it, so any recommendations will be considered.

Thanks all!

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I like the first one better. Closet space is much more valuable to me than sitting to apply makeup--but that's just me. How long is the vanity in that first one? Does your DW currently sit to apply her makeup? Is it possible to eliminate the bottom drawers in the center of that vanity and have a small makeup area there with a regular height or counter height chair in the middle for makeup? If the vanity is not wide enough to accomodate a chair in the void between the sinks, could you work in a small furniture vanity table into the master bedroom for your DW to use for makeup vs. the bathroom? She could have a nice light up mirror to ensure sufficient lighting for the task and storage for all her makeup needs. It would be very "old Hollywood". Or could you shift the tub all the way down to the exterior wall, shift what looks like a pony wall down with it and perhaps place a narrow makeup area on the doorway side of the pony wall on the right just as you walk in? Or use the makeup area as the buffer between the tub and the doorway? It's hard to tell how much space you have there, so it may or may not work.

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On the second one you could swap the shower and closet and get more closet space.
I can't tell what size everything is, but you could do a 54in or 60 in long shower in the corner.
Then between the end of the shower and toilet would be whatever space was leftover for a closet.

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The shorter of the two vanities is 60" long.

I'm not sure I have the fall to flip the tub around and put the controls near the outside wall (would need another inch of height). I won't know that until I pull the floor and look at the drain. That would free up some space along that tub wall. Also thinking about swapping tub and shower, but that may make the layout feel more "blocky".

As long as I don't have to move main drains or cross stud bays, I have some freedom and we're planning a near "to the studs" demolition.

The only thing that's locked in is the toilet, since it is about 3' from the main drain stack and would require some serious demo of a wall downstairs to replumb.

DW doesn't mind doing makeup while standing, but this is our chance to get as much as we want out of the space.

Thanks for the input. I'm sure I'll have more iterations before we start pulling permits.

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Okay, compromise. this assumes we can replumb the drain over to the far wall, which only needs 1" (4' more run = 1" of height).

Tub to the wall, small makeup counter with stool, big closet, but will have to have some linens in it, lose the decorative shelving. Everything else the same.

Of course, we need to find a small makeup table like that . . .

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What are the dimensions of the room? That closet doesn't look very usable to me, but can't really tell without dimensions. Why don't you switch the shower and the closet, as suggested above?

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My first thought is to combine the tub and shower but maybe you don't want to do that. Do you have enough room for a corner tub? That would free up more space for the makeup table or even put a small vanity with sink there. The makeup area could then replace the second sink in the other vanity.

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Wife isn't set on a dressing table, but she thought the existing vanity size (60") isn't enough for the things she likes to leave out.

So back to Sketchup: Based on advice here (thanks) and discussions, here's the new frontrunner.

Pros: 72" vanity, slightly larger shower, tub and toilet plumbing don't change much, if at all.

Cons: Major plumbing move for the vanity, but the main drain is there by the toilet, so at least it's in the same wall. Closet is much smaller, but right at the door.

Might have to flip the tub if I can't get the drain right and build a knee wall to protect the plumbing.

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I like this last version better, had a comment all written up last night, but had to go fix supper, and DH had logged me off when I got back... I was going to suggest shortening BR and have closet along wall adjoining bedroom with access from bedroom (or use wardrobes), but with this version, could you extend closet wall so that you walk through closet into bathroom, giving yourself some extra feet of hanging space, and eliminating all that 'wasted' floor space in BR. Door into BR could either by angled, or pocket door sliding behind shower?

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So we went back to the drawing board and the wife thought we could try to leverage some space from the MBR for the closet.

This layout requires minimal plumbing relocation, no ductwork, and minimal electrical -- so good from that perspective. Makes the room cozier, but we had a lot of unused space that just got cluttered.

As always, opinions are welcome.


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Here's an oblique view of the same.

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From your drawing I judge the closet to be about 5 foot deep by 13 feet wide. I believe 6 or 7 feet is the recommended minimum width for a walk in closet. Mine is 7 feet. My mom had a closet similar to yours and it was way too narrow. If you were to put in two pocket doors on the long wall and evenly divide the closet space, you might get more hanging room, wider aisles and no lost corners in the closet. As you walk in to the closet you would have hanging clothes on either side of a 3 and half foot aisle. No need to put a wall between the two closets.

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It's about 5x12. We were thinking of sideways double rods on the end. Shoes and light hanging on the door wall and drawers/shelves on the long wall.

Right now we have about 20 linear feet of closet rod, counting our existing in-bath closet that we want to get rid of. We have about the same in shelf, no drawers, shoes on the floor.

Will be interesting to balance the extra space from the 2-door approach as opposed to the desire to have one door.

I don't think I can borrow another foot from the room. 1, it will make the entry feel like a tunnel and 2, it will go from cozy to cramped in spots. We'll think about it, though.

Thanks for the input.

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As long as you keep shoes and narrow shelves on the long wall, that seems like it should work. I do love hanging double rods in a walk in. It really maximizes the space.
I agree one door would be nicer.

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