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ladypat1February 2, 2011

I did what I am calling a genealogy table of dishes that belonged to my great grandmother. We think they are about 100 years old. The only piece missing is the sugar bowl lid.

My cousin is doing all the research on people, and I decided to do what I could on family antiques, cause we all have different things, and don't get to see each others treasures. Since all the family tree stuff is kept on computers these days, it seemed like a good idea to document some pics of things like the old sewing machine, some family pics in civil war uniforms, and some old guns, etc. I wrote what memories the family had about the dishes, and it it amazing what people remember when given an item to look at. Online, for family there will be places to add comments and memories.

Here are a couple of the pics. I don't want to overload here, it is on my blog, but there has been a flap on another forum about promoting our own blogs, so.... I don't know... if I never appear again, it's because I was banned!LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Best Moments

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ladypat - What a wonderful idea re: your family genealogy. You get to read the family stories as well as see the family treasures. That is inspired. Your great grandmother's dishes are beautiful. I love the flowers with the pale shadow flowers in the background. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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I am a long time lurker, don't post but your tablesetting inspired me to do so. I love the dishes and the fact its not overshadowed by a big centerpiece. You don't see a lot of old doshes with that beautiful blue. I have many sets with pinks but not blue. I too am interested in the geneology side of it. Thanks for making my day on this icy morning.

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ladypat..what a very lovely setting, and oh my, to be
able to have your GrDGM's dishes with ONLY the sugar bowl lid missing, is priceless! Did you ever check to see if you can replace it? .
I love the meaning behind this table, and that family members are sharing stories about them too
I think it's so important to keep tract of family treasures and documenting them so younger family members can look upon them with 'some family history' and attachment..rather than just an old dish..etc.
I love Johnson Bros and these dishes are so lovely and delicate. I'm amazed with all the pieces still intact too.
You added just the right touches and blue tablecloth is a lovely 'backdrop' to showcase them...I think your GrDGM would be so proud!


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Pat Your table is lovely. The dishes are beautiful.
Isn't it wonderful to have heirlooms like that, and to have the history that goes with them?
The first pictures I posted some months ago were of china that belonged to my DGM.
I looked at your blog. Your Great Grandmother was quite the lady wasn't she?

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Pat, what beautiful dishes and how wonderful to be able to set your table with them! I love the pattern of them, which is so delicate and lovely. I inherited my great-grandmother's Johnson Bros, too. Mine are the scalloped, yellow Pareek pattern, Malaga. I agree with Jane, Johnson Bros have such amazing patterns.
As for links to blogs, I say bring them on! I'm perfectly capable of deciding whether I want to click on a link to one or not. I'm off to check out yours ;^D

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I left a comment on your blog. You are very lucky to have such beautiful family dishes.

(Guess you saw my post on The Other Forum!)

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pat ... this is just such a wonderful gift for your family ...sharing this type of genealogy...beautiful! You did your GGM proud (& DM) on your blog page! Very pretty table!! The dishes, stemware & flatware are lovely on the bkgrd of your blue t'cloth.

With our extensive technology today, our families will be able to "know us" in future yrs...& you certainly are creating an impressive keepsake with pics & stories! My Mom did a family history back in early 70's where the whole book is done by typewriter & Xeroxed photos. It is a precious keepsake for all of us.

Thanks so much for sharing your family...lovely! Jeanne S.
ps...I love your squirrel bookends, too! Next yr t'scape! LOL!

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Those are beautiful, I love flower patterned dishes and any thing vintage, is very dear to me. The gravey boat and butter dish are extra special.

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This is just beautiful! Both the dishes and the history behind them.
What a legacy you are creating!
Those are so pretty and look as lovely on the table today as they must have back in DGGM's day!
You created a wonderful table and memories!


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Pat, those are beautiful dishes, such soft flowers and all the gold on them. The glasses you used with them are so beautiful too. I loved reading your post and hearing a bit of your family history. You are so fortunate to have been given the privledge of being a caretaker of these and preserving the memories for you family members. ;o)


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Pat, these dishes are wonderful. Love the soft colors and beautiful borders on them. They look pretty modern. If you hadn't told us they were like 100 yrs old I would of thought they were newer.

It's so great that you have this lg set. I will come back and check out your blog later. So glad to hear your on top of the Genealogy. It's so important and we should all keep up on it. Thanks so much for sharing this table.


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Those dishes are so lovely and delicate looking. And the family history makes them all the more wonderful. Its definitely hard to believe they are so old...wish they could talk and tell us stories of all the folks who sat before them.
I agree with what the others have said, and especially is a wonderful gift for your family.

hugs, Karen

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Pat, I remember seeing this table on your blog and thought it was so beautiful. I'm very much into genealogy, in fact I'm the only one in my family that is, and I think it's fantastic that all these things are being documented.

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