1993 Pontiac Transport will not crank

chevytim80October 29, 2007

I have a 1993 Pontiac Transport that has been abused. The van has 160,000 miles on it. In 60,000 miles, the oil was only changed once when the block busted and water leaked in the motor(bad problem with these motors 3.1 tbi). All the motor mounts went bad and the whole motor and tranny set on the frame which made many things leak. It has been wrecked at least 10 times with NO repairs ever made. Although now the motor mounts have been replaced, the axles on both sides have been replaced, the transmission has been serviced, the burnt speedometer wires have been replaced, radiator been replaced, new altenator, and new water pump. It was running fine one minute, came back outside and it would not crank. I fooled around with the wires and coil and it cranked and ran fine. I replaced the coil, wires and plugs. But it still will not crank. I have tried to pour gas in the throttle body but not even a hint at a crank. It doesn't even give false hope. Any ideas?

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Cam shaft sensor (ingnition timing sensor). If you do not have a distributor, this sensor may be on the flywheel housing.

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This vehicle actually shows not to have a camshaft sensor.

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i had a lumina apv with the 3.1 motor. sounds like the same setup. my neutral safety switch went bad and it would not crank. it is mounted on top of the transaxle, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. i thought my starter was bad but the NSS was the issue. check it out! i could wiggle the gear selector and sometimes make it work. that was my clue that the switch was bad.

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Will that still allow the starter to turn?

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