Lynne Mann update

PurplemoonFebruary 24, 2013

I checked Lynne's Facebook page and her posted yesterday...she's had a bad setback it sounds like and is back in the hospital. But some good news that is good.
Here is what her DH, Tom, posted.

"I guess this is one of those late evenings where one could say that Lynne is 'resting comfortably' ... because that is pretty much what she did all day and night. That was a good thing when they did the EEG this evening...less interference in the brain waves when a patient is that relaxed. The EEG was normal, thank goodness! She also had... an MRI this afternoon, that did not show any indication of a stroke. The MRI and the CAT Scan combined from last night pretty much eliminate a stroke that is causing her current condition. They also did another ultrasound of her leg where other clots were detected, but I never heard the results of that. Another positive this evening, they were able to feel a good pulse in her now less swollen left leg.

The neurologist who talked with us (Lee, Dawn and Tracey were there again, thank God!) this evening explained his thoughts very well on her current situation. He thinks things that are currently going on are related to possible infection from the abscess/lesion that showed up on yesterday's abdominal scan. He spoke very highly of the UNC hospital and said they are the among best in the area to deal with this. His thoughts and concerns will be passed along to UNC along with the EEG results, and we're feeling a little more relieved tonight. At the same time, he also mentioned that her current situation could be a collective 'little of this, little of that', all coming together at the same time.

So, while we did indeed get good news, there is still uncertainty in the days ahead. We're still waiting on a bed up at UNC. The holdup on that is that Lynne is currently in a 'step-down' unit, and ideally, it would be best for her to be transferred to the step-down at UNC, rather than admit her to the main recovery-type ward.

There are still a lot of unknowns to deal with in the days/weeks ahead. Hopefully, a lot of those will be remedied once Lynne is back at UNC and they can do and work with their own scans and tests and bloodwork in-house.

So, tonight, we thank God that apparently some of the worst case possibilites have been eliminated. All of us are well aware that our previously lengthy road to recovery for Lynne has now gotten considerably longer.

And as I type this a little after midnight, Johnston Memorial just called, a bed has opened up in their step-down unit, and Lynne will be transported over to UNC within the hour."

hugs, and prayers for Lynne,

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Wow, how awful.
My thoughts and prayers are with Lynne and her family.

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OMG. It sounds to me like they screwed up royally with her current doctors and that being moved to UNC will be the best possible thing to happen to her right now!

I have heard far too many horror stories like this lately -- with misdiagnosis, errors in surgery, hospital infections and blood clotting problems following surgery, etc. Luckily, in every case, having the patient switched to a different hospital with different and better doctors was what saved the patient.

Good luck to Lynne!!!

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Wow, will continue sending prayers to Lynne
and family to help her through this. Makes one
realize how lucky we are to be healthy. Thanks
for the update Karen.


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Ohhh...I am sorry to hear of this setback ...the last I read of Lynne she was 'holding her own' ... so thank you, Karen ... her hubby is a wonderful caregiver & keeps all of her friends/family appreciate. More prayers on the way. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

wow....poor Lynne has really been down a tough road. I am so glad to hear that many of the major things have been eliminated, but I can certainly understand their frustration and worry. Will continue to pray for her and her family.

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from Lynne's DH tonight....

"So far, with all the tests and all, all the problems that she's dealing with, the feeling is that no individual item has caused the current situation. The UTI is a minimal infection. The pneumonia is very minor. The abscess/lesion appears to be small enough to be insignificant. Mentioned a couple times is another possibility... that there has been so much going with and to Lynne on that the body has just shut down to adjust. Two different nurses mentioned that to me at different times.
And finally, again, it was brought up that the whole ordeal could be a product of all these seemingly little individual things coming together to collectively have gotten Lynne to this point.

Tomorrow is Monday, meaning the regular teams of doctors will be back on their rounds, and hopefully, we'll get closer to an answer."

I put on their FB for him to let her know we're all sending prayers and love and missing her.
hugs, Karen

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Thank you, Karen. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Thanks for letting us know.

Sending T & P's her way.


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Thank you Karen for posting this update on Lynne's
setback. I am so sorry to hear this.
I will continue to pray for her recovery and
also for her family.

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Karen, please keep us posted on Lynne. Sending more
hugs and prayers her way.

Thanks, Punk

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