Electrolux vs Fridgidaire Professional appliances

BergsMarch 17, 2012

I was told ystrday that aside from the Elux having more features, they are both (all Fridg. & Elux) manufactured from the same line. Both having plants in Mexico, the US and wherever else. Elux spending more on advertising than Fridg. therefore costing more.

My question being is there a big quality difference? I need all new appliances and must make a decision by the end of the month. My choices were GE gas cooktop & dbl. wall ovens with Whirlpool fridg. & DW. Then I changed my mind to Elux cooktop & dbl. ovens & possibly fridg. Sales & service for Elux is more Ltd. in my area. I like the SS look from the Prof. line better than Elux. I was not looking for the higher end Elux if that matters to anyone. I am going crazy & have read many posts about not matching SS & handles & going with one brand. It would be easier though! I have considered KA fridg. & DW also.

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I got a frigidaire 27" double convection oven about 3 years ago. put it in and turned it on. been working fine ever since. Which is better than a lot of the $5000 ovens discussed on this board.

Quality is a very missused word. If you get an appliance that looks good easy to install, works out of the box and keeps working, How can another brand be better quality?

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I was referring to reliability.

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I had a Frigidaire Gallery fridge back around 1999. It had a stainless door but the sides were black. That was the one and only time I put in the color of stainless. Anyway, I had no problems with it. I've never owned anything with the Electrolux label. They are the same company.

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I emailed both Frig. & Elux asking them about the differences. I have not heard back from Elux. but Frig. said it was a matter of looks & features. I don't especially like the side knobs on the Frig. 36" cooktop b/c it they take up more room than front knobs do. I have not read any posts eithers DW.

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