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soonermagicmamaMarch 7, 2014

We're purchasing and renovating a home, with kitchen and master bath being the largest projects. Below is the bathroom design. The toilet is in a strange spot because that's where it is currently located, but facing the opposite way and "open" (no door) to the bathtub. The "pocket" door drawn by the toilet will be barn style sliding but using a glass door that is the same as shower door. Realize no way to latch and no trim there ... just want a sense of privacy to be able to close. Second floor bath and trying to keep the toilet relatively close to where it currently is for cost reasons. The tub/shower configuration is drawn this way because my inspiration photo has a tub floating out in front of a feature wall that hides the shower. While I realize 40" wide shower is on narrow side, my current steam shower is only 36" wide; I'll love those extra 4 inches ... and allows for 2 sinks in the vanity ... which was hard to get!
Inspiration photo:

Contemporary Bathroom by Chicago Architects & Designers Besch Design, Ltd.

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Sorry; wasn't specific above. I'm asking for your thoughts/ideas on this layout and suggestions for improving, should it need improving! Many thanks!

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What about switching the vanity and tub locations? That way you'd walk in to see your lovely feature wall and tub.

Also, this does not seem like the most efficient use of space, although I think it's a cool design. What if you reversed the toilet so that the tank was against the "top" wall in the picture and slid the barrier wall up against that "top" wall as well. That would give you a wider walkway by the shower and maybe a little bit more open feeling floor space.

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Thanks prickly for the feedback!

Switching placement of tub & vanity is a layout that we considered, but I like facing the feature wall when you walk into the bathroom from the bedroom, which is what the current configuration allows.

It's my understanding that moving the toilet to where you suggest is problematic for two reasons: (1) it's too far away from his current placement and thus expensive to move that far; and (2) it would then share a wall with the bedroom which is on the other side of the wall where you suggest moving. Also, there would be no space for linen storage.

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