Small or larger hexagon tile in 1920 bathroom?

misobentoMarch 24, 2013

Hello all. I know that there is no 'right or wrong' answer, as it should be what we like best.... BUT, this is our first tiling project so I am hoping you can all help with any pros/cons of either tile below.

The house was built in 1920. The bathroom is tiny, about 50 square feet. Claw foot tub, bead board around the entire wall, pedestal sink and toilet. We want to stay authentic to the era.

We are trying to decide between both of these tiles for the floor. The smaller one may have too many grout lines (grey), but would be authentic. The larger hexagon is perhaps too similar in size to the width of the bead board and the foot of the tub? Is that too 'boring'?

Anyhow, we appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you!

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The larger ones are also "authentic", just weren't as commonly used in that era.

I prefer the larger ones ... they are of a similar visual weight as the rest of the materials, and that is "soothing" not "boring" to me.

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For what itâÂÂs worth, we put a historically-incorrect, two-inch carrara marble hexagon tile, in one of our bath remodels, and I love it!!

Our Victorian was built in 1890, but I fell in love with the larger tile⦠I think it looks great⦠I have since seen even larger hexagons, and might have even gone up to three, if the option had been available.

Go with what you like, either will be lovely!

Here is a link that might be useful: Another photo of our marble hexagon tile.

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We used a 2" hex on our bathroom floor. The bathroom still needs a few finishing touches, but I can post a decent pic of the floor to give you an idea of the look.

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thanks for the photos and suggestions,

Lazygardens...never thought about it as 'visual weight', but you may be right.

VictoriaElizabeth, that marble is stunning...sadly it isn't in our budget otherwise I would LOVE that.

Sparklebread, so pretty, it really helps me envision it! But I think we may go with matte version...hmm...although that gloss is really pretty...

I think I really like that 2 inch hexagon now that I have seen your bathrooms! Thanks all!

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My parents' 1919 built three story house where i grew up still has the original 2" hex tiles in the (only!) full bath. They are a lovely aqua color too. They recently had a plumbing leak that resulted in an insurance claim that would have allowed them to completely redo the bathroom (and even add a shower to the tub so they wouldn't have to go to the basement to shower.) They decided to keep the changes to a minimum so they could save the original tile instead!

I love the 2"'hex...the smaller ones are just a little too visually busy for me.

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After reading your description of your choices and your rational for favoring the smaller tile because of scale I looked at each (covering the other with my hand) with your elements. I like the larger one. The smaller one looks too busy, though that may be because the grout spaces are so dark.

Another thing to consider, if you plan to use Ditra under the tile, they state not to use smaller than 2" tiles. I don't know of alternative under-tile products for smaller tiles.

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I like the larger one too. It seems to work with the other materials better. The small one seems to look too small and busy for some reason. An awful lot of grout to worry about too!

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Another vote for the larger one! Very pretty.

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I vote for the larger one too. I absolutely agree with lazygarden's statement that the larger ones seem to have a visual weight that works well with the beadboard. I also like that it highlights the hexagon shape.

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