rain shower head height?

ericaaMarch 5, 2007

Hi All,

Didn't find an answer to this in my search. At what height should my rain shower head (on an arm coming out from the wall) be installed? My husband wants it to be high (he thought around 7 feet?) and I don't want the water to get cold before it hits me. It should be high enough to get the proper rain effect - but how high is "normal"?

Thanks for your help.

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The water won't get cold before it hits you (personal experience), the extra distance isn't enough added travel time for evaporation to cool the water. I never liked low (normal-height) shower heads and had the same concern as your husband. Our Kohler rainheads (Forte) have a rough-in height of 72-78" 'typical' above the shower floor. I installed them 4" above the high end, or about 82" and they are wonderful. My wife likes them as well, but it's the rainhead she likes, I don't think the height matters to her. I also took the flow-control device out (O-ring behind the inlet filter screen) which is an added plus for the feel of the rainshower.

As the judge used to say, "Hang 'em high!"

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Thank you - I will let the plumber know! I have heard about the flow restrictor trick - but I think I'll try it out in place first - I'd like to save water, but there's nothing worse than not being able to get properly wet in the shower!

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which valves/cover can be insatlled for Kohler shower head?

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