Gas pedal very stiff

jcrowley99September 7, 2008

I was wondering if anyone here might know what would cause this. I went out grocery shopping this morning and made three stops. My car, a 2005 Honda CR-V, drove fine from the house to the first store, and again from the first store to the second. I was driving on roads between 35 and 55 mph and she accelerated just fine. After the second stop I started her up (she did start a bit hard, this has been happening occasionally even after taking her in for an oil/filter change and getting the fluids checked). I was parked in the third spot from the front of the aisle so I did not have to hit the accelerator to get to the main aisle. I braked to check for traffic then hit the gas to turn, nothing. I thought I missed the pedal because it felt like I was pressing on a solid object. I braked, made sure there was nothing under the pedal, and hit the gas again. Same thing. After making sure my gear indicator said I was in drive not second, I pressed as hard as I could as was able to get her up to 20 mph. I pulled into a parking place, put her in park, and tried hitting the gas. The pedal felt fine and she revved just fine. So I put her back in drive and she drove just fine again. I made several other stops during the day to see if it would happen again, but it did not. I do have a warranty that includes roadside assistance, but I'm worried about what would cause this and am planning to take in to the dealer tomorrow. So, does anyone have any ideas what would cause this? My husband said maybe it just didn't "catch" right. That doesn't sound right to me. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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I would heartily endorse getting into the shop quickly. It sounds like the cable for the accelerator is sticking or binding. It can stick in the open position as well which could cause the vehicle to run into something or someone.

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I took it in to Honda today. The mechanic looked it over but said he would not be able to determine the problem unless he could see it happen. Of course, it was working beautifully today! He also said he had never heard of a CR-V having this problem, he dissapeared into the back to check the computer for a reported problem like this but said no one else had reported this problem. I'm suppose to bring it back when the problem happens. Of course, if I can't accelerate over 20 mph it will be a harrowing drive. I have to take at least one road with a speed limit of 45 mph, one of which has a lot of truck traffic, the other choice is the same speed, but only one lane in each direction with no passing. He did check (while I was watching) for any loose connections or worn or kinked cables and played with the gas. He spent about 10 minutes under the hood and then another 10 driving it with me in the car. I might try posting this on the Honda CR-V owners page, maybe someone will have had this issue crop up.

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