Car accident

nicmarsh81September 1, 2013

I'm new at this so bare with me.

My husband was involved in an accident today. He was turning left with the green light and the other driver ran a red light and damaged the front end of our van.

The left side is screwed, but we we just inspected and we can't even open the passanger door, which is strange as no damage exist on that side.

I have enclosed photos and hope that someone could tell me what kind od damage they think may have happened. Is the van a loss or fixable? What happens when we want to trade it in with so much damaged fixed?


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What state do you live in? do you have insurance? More importantly, does the other guy have insurance?

Was there a police officer at the scene?

Hopefully, your husband got all of the necessary information from the other driver; name, address, license and registration, and name of the insurance carrier.

If you have insurance....notify them and then ask them what the next step should be. They will liklely have an adjuster look at your vehicle and generate an estimate of what it will cost to fix. If the cost to fix is greater than the worth of the vehicle, they might find it to be a "total loss" and give a settlement check fotr the value of the vehicle.

If the other guy truly ran a red light then the accident is his fault. His insurance company should cover all of your expenses to get the vehicle fixed. It depends on your insurance company if they will pay you first and the subrogate with the other company to get the money back. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the other company to get the money to fix your car.

People get into accidents all the time. As long as no one was hurt the rest is just aggravation and nothing to get all worked up about.

As far as trading with the repaired damage, well that's part of the game. Don't tell any prospective dealer about the incident, let them find out on their own and ....yes it will affect the value (even if it's repaired perfectly anyone looking to purchase it will use the fact that it has been in an accident to barter for a lower price. I know I would). It stinks but that's the way it is.

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The jammed passenger door may indicate major body damage. (Body is bent.) You won't know until a body shop measures the distances between check points on the body. I infer by the emblem on the grill that you have a Dodge mini-van. That would have unit-body construction. A bent body requires straightening on a straightner frame. If the car is more than 6 to 7 years old, the isurance may total it.

Do not sign anything until there has been a full inspection and assessment by a qualified body shop. Make sure that the terms include an alternate vehicle while yours is being repaired.

If the car is "totaled", try this if the offered amount seems too low. Say you do not want money, but are entitled to a replacement vehicle of equal value to the one you had before the accident. See if they can come up with a dealer who will sell you such a vehicle at the settlement price (most insurance offices can not come close). When confronted with this stance, sometimes the vehicle gets repaired even though the repair bill is higher than the offered totaled price. That's because the offered money is hased on something between wholesale and retail prices. Do not accept the terms unless you can actually buy a replacement vehicle of equal value with the offered compensation. Also, allow money for licensing the replacement vehicle.

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