A Few Cute Blogs!

yachter123February 5, 2011

Was blog hopping tonite & thought you all might enjoy these that I thought were pretty, unique etc.


Pretty pink table


Polish pottery table, just stunning


Here's one that really goes all out for Valentine's Day!

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Thanks for sharing (you're up late too!!). That last link is definitely an "all out for Valentines". Pink overload.

hugs, Karen

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Wow! The woman with the Polish Pottery has so many wonderful pieces. I thought the stemware she used was very unique. I've seen lots of stemware with silver or pewter stems, but I don't recall seeing any with a ceramic stems. So pretty!

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Thanks for sharing Yachter,
I enjoyed the first and third ones. I couldn't get the second one to come up. My friend collects Polish Pottery..It would have been fun to see this one.

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NanaK, see if you can click on the link and get it to open.
Interesting pottery, tho a little too 'busy' for my tastes.
But the lady did a beautiful setting and has quite the collection of it.

hugs, Karen too

Here is a link that might be useful: Polish Pottery link

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Yachter, thanks for sharing these sites. Enjoyed seeing all of them.


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Thanks for sharing, I'll head over to check them out as soon as I finish reading here. Luvs

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Thanks for the link Karen. I couldn't get on no matter what I did. She has some very pretty pieces but so many it was hard to see them all. I did enjoy looking tho.

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Marlene Kindred

I'm still open mouthed at the size of the kitchen in the last site's blog....amazing. Thanks for the links.....lots to look at.

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Christine, (the Polish pottery) is a friend. I tease her about how much stuff she has. She opened a little spot in the mall, and resells , just for fun. I think she buys more from the other vendors than she sells. But she is very funny!
She is always going on cruises and trips. Lots of energy!

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She sounds like fun, Kathleen! And probably a very interesting lady with all her traveling.

hugs, Karen

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