Letter from Jazz (and a pretty Valentine vase)

PurplemoonFebruary 5, 2011

I got a rather surprising "apology" from Jazz today! The mailman left a box to me from HIM. Seriously, the return address had HIS name on it!

I did a double-take, and started laughing, not even having a clue what that box was holding. When I opened it, right on top was a LETTER from JAZZ. I had to hold my sides I was laughing so hard.

Written in BIG, FANCY, font taking up a whole sheet of typing paper......

To Mom from Jazz:

I am so sorry that I broke your cherub figurine. My personal shopper

couldn't find a good figurine, but I hope that this will be able to take the

place of what I broke.

I don't mean to be a bad kitty, but stuff happens...you know????

I will try to be better now, but it is hard to always be good.

I love you very much.


Then I found a lovely, vintage pitcher (1971) ! Its white with cherubs in relief around it.

Just PERFECT for some Valentine's Day floral in fact!

Quite the pretty apology! WOW.

(Thank you Mz Personal Shopper to Jazz (Jaybird). I will be laughing

for days over this! And his letter to me is a Keeper!!!

hugs, Karen with the silly grin on her face

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Oh how sweet! I think I just made a Valentinte PUN!

Jaybird is quite the little helper to patch up the bad feelings you have with Jazz!!

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I've said it before ...Jay has a 'Heart Of Gold'..
and not just for Valentine's Day!!..
What a sweetie she is and what a sense of humor!
It's lovely...I'm sure it made your day and then some Karen.
But honestly...come to think of it...isn't she Enabling Jazz's bad behavior? ! lol


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AAAHHHH, isn't Jazz sweetie?
He's lucky to have Jay to help him apologize!!

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what a sweet clever way to apologize. Jazz sure knows how to 'work' members of this forum. Looks like Jazz found the 'purrfect' personal shopper :) .....


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good one! and very nice (and clever) of jaybird. I just assumed it was from your DH and I was going to give him major kudos. lol!

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Karen and jaybird, that is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Karen, How fun that Jazz (Jaybird) was so sweet!!
I'm grinning and groaning at all the punsters on here, : )
That pitcher is darling and pawsitively perfect for Valentine's Day. I had to join the pun club!

Jaybird, you are one clever accomplice. Hopefully, you won't have to keep bailing Jazz out of trouble!

This was fun to read about. Karen, I know the sight of that pitcher will bring you smiles for a long time.


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Slinkey, you may be right about JB "enabling" Trouble! (Next thing you know, Dollbaby will be out shopping too...but at least she's sweet as candy kisses.) I think Jazz has a hidden agenda with his 'shopping'. I was undecided about decorating for Valentines this year, and now with this pretty pitcher....well I packed up my winter cardinals and guess I'm going to do Valentines afterall.
He wasn't interested in my cardinals (thank you Lord), but who knows what he'll think about Val stuff.

Now I know WHY he's always in 'hot water', and it isn't just boredom apparently. I discovered how he gets all his ENERGY! Sneaky darn cat.

hugs, Karen

"Whatever hits the fan will not
be evenly distributed"

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Gotta love a cat that knows how to keep warm on these cold winter days. We had one that LOVED to lay on the pilot light area of our gas stove. I have no idea why he didn't get burned - I couldn't leave my hand there any length of time but he would sleep there all day between the burners ......


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Now, that's funny. What a neat thing to do.
And how fun to receive it.

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Marlene Kindred

Now, how could you be mad at Jazz after getting such a sweet apology like that? Beautiful pitcher....what a great personal shopper!

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Karen and J, this is the Best ever... I'm having a great laugh with this. J, you are so clever and such a sweetie. I Love It!


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Would have loved to have seen your face when you saw the return name on that package, Karen! LOL

Jaybird, you are just too much--what a fun way to gift Miss Karen with a pretty valentine's gift.

Seems Miss Jaybird figured I needed a bit of valentine's cheer too since I found a package at my front door as well--not from Jazz,but from her! It is just lovely, and you really shouldn't have. I'll take a picture tomorrow to share with everyone, I want to put some valentine candies in it first. (((hugs)))


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Karen...I'm loving your Jazz every time you show
a picture of him 'in action'..lol
He's a 'one of a kind' for sure..and so darn clever too.


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Your gonna make me love cats yet. He's a keeper, no matter what.

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Very pretty! Enjoy them, and all that jazz! :)

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Frou, with all your pretty glass ware, you need a cat like Oreo aka Speed Bump or the Blob. Her idea of exercise is getting up to eat!! And the only thing she jumps up on is the couch or bed. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, that Oreo is really laid back!! Probably have to poke to see if it's OK. My hot water heater is quite warm up there ,guess Jazz's fur acts like a blanket. The pitcher is a lovely Valentine's gift! But getting a surprise is best gift!! Makes you feel good all day to know someone thought of you! Maybe Jazz is acting up as he misses your dad. Were they friends? Could be he doesn't like you going to visit your dad. Just jealous you are leaving the house. Hope his naughty streak is over!! Jan

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Jan, laid back is an understatement for Oreo! LOL.
Jazz is highly energetic on the other hand, and when he's bored is when he's "Trouble".

Dad is here and unlikely he'll be going to the care center any time soon. Things sure fell apart on that during the last month. Anyway, Jazz is totally 'my' cat so he wouldn't miss Dad, or my DH. He's very independent, not much for being petted and HATES being held. And wants to sleep alone. Guess he loves me cause I feed him and he thinks I'm entertaining at times. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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:^) LOL :^)
Jazz is a smart kitty!!

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