10" vs 18" range hood height

tm0ngwebMarch 28, 2013

Air-King makes a SS range hood that is 24" deep by 36" wide, and comes in either an 18" high model (height of the hood canopy top to bottom), or a 10" high model. The 18" model number is P1836 and the 10" is P1036.

Most if not all of the GW discussion is about horizontal dimension (capture area) relative to the cooktop, and how high above the cooktop the hood is mounted. But what about the vertical dimension of the canopy itself? The baffle filters for both models are recessed into the canopy the same distance, so the extra space in the 18" model is between the filters and the duct - thus no added funneling effect that I can see. These two models are priced within $50 of each other so not much advantage either way there either.

Other than appearance, I can't think of any benefit to an 18" model over the 10" given identical horizontal dimensions, blower capacity, and duct size. But ... others are more experienced/knowledgeable than I, so wondering if there are any opinions.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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BTW - did find another thread (see link) showing a 10" high hood with 900 CFM blower during installation - shows the duct work exposed etc. The posting mentioned that the slimmer hood profile did not inhibit the CFM output, duct size being adequate and all that. So I'm thinking it's a non issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hood venting for low ceiling kitchen?

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If a greater hood height allows more volume below the baffles and still provides good path clearance above the baffles to the duct, then there is a potential capture advantage at lower cfm rates. If the volume below the baffles is the same in each unit, and the baffles are the same, and the space above the baffles is adequate for the flow, then it is an aesthetic issue. One wonders, however, why eight-inches of extra stainless steel only costs $50 more.


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