Coolant Leak

mrocklesnarSeptember 3, 2006

I have a coolant leak on my 94 Chevy Berretta. 2 weeks ago I noticed the meter on the dashboard said low. I filled it up with new coolant and everything was ok, but only for a couple days and it was back to low. I igonored it for about a week, now today I see lots of green coolant leaking out the bottom of my car. As it turns out Im going to be selling this car soon in a matter of weeks anyway... What should I do?

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just filled up coolant tank with water... doesnt seem to be draining or leaking. sorry i dont know too much about cars.

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Find out where the coolant is coming from. Look around the hoses and see if they are showing any wettness. If it is not coming from the hoses or the radiator I strongly suspect the waterpump. When waterpumps go bad they get worse in a hurry, your statement about alot of coolant under the car makes me think the pump is going out. They can run around $300.00 to fix depending on how hard it is to replace.

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If not the water pump, had a 1994 dodge shadow that sprung a leak in the head gasket that made a very small stream of water, but only when it was hot and it was over the exhaust mainfold that would dry it up pretty fast so it was hard to ever find.

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i looked under the hood, but i dont see the leak, but that could be because i dont know what im doing. i do recall my mechanic saying i had a crack in my radiator back about 6 months ago, and he used some liquid metal to patch it. so im guessing that could be it.

a friend told me it might be good to get something called "stopleak" from an autoparts store for about $5. pour this into the radiator when the car has been off for a couple of hours and it should temporarily fix this. but i dont know if it is a radiator problem.

and like i said im just looking to get by for now on this car, by the end of this month i will be buying a new car. any feedback is much appreciated.

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IMO, best to sell this car "as is", BUT be so kind as to completely divulge its condition and repair history, or lack thereof...
You are wasting money(a little) by using this stop-leak, and doing the next owner no favor....

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