Nissan Maxima - Mass Air Flow Sensor

ggalvSeptember 12, 2009

This car was over heating and then kind of loosing power. Then it turned off. My friend said that the problem might be the mass air flow sensor - that if this does not work then it might get the car to overheat. When this sensor was disconnected the car would run but then after awhile the car would turn off. When we connected the sensor then the car would not start.

Right now the car turns on with the sensor connected and disconnected but it will not go far before the car turns off.

Do you guys think the problem on the car is the Mass Air Flow Sensor?


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It could be the mass air flow sensor, and then it could be something else. We're just guessing, aren't we. As a start, pull the trouble codes to see what the engine controller (computer) is complaining about. Mind you, this is only the start of diagnosing the problem.

If you don't have access to a code reader, look in your owner's manual to see if there is a method for extracting the codes by turning the ignition key on and off in a particular sequence.

The engine may start with a bad mass air flow sensor, but it won't run well and will not have any power - it won't be driveable.

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The problem at the moment is that at least one of the trouble codes is going to show that the computer is recognizing a problem where the MAF sensor circuit is open.

When people start unplugging things before correct testing commences, they add problems for a technician to have to consider. The whole premise which started with the vehicle overheating, and then quitting, and then the inconsistent operation somewhat dependent of whether the sensor is connected or not, is exactly the kind of a reported set of conditions where as a technician I cannot rely on them to aid me in my diagnostics. In fact, a condition that I call tainted intuition where a technician gets pushed the wrong direction at the onset of the diagnostic routine because of faulty information could easily occur with the description of the trouble as outlined in the original post.

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Engine overheating. Is the electric fan working?

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