for those of you sick of the snow....

PurplemoonFebruary 9, 2011

I thought of all of you who are sick of the snow when I saw this....


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LOL Love it! Two more inches of new snow this morning. UCK!!!


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Too funny, we are expecting 5-8 inches here today and everything will come to a screeching halt.

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TOO TOO Funny!!!LOL You know there's been enough winter when the snowman cant' take it

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That is funny! He must have been working out as he is a perfectly shaped snowman!

I think that photo is a message to Old Man Winter, enough for now or the kid gets it!! LOL

It is -3 here at 8AM and supposed to be 60 by Sunday with NO SNOW in the forecast for now!! YEAH!!


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Now, that's my kind of humor!

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Someone sent me that in email yesterday! -6 here at 10 p.m. & it feels like it, only with wind chill they are saying it feels like -25!

I say ENOUGH already! It's going to take forever for these moutains of white stuff to melt, maybe by June!!!

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I love this and couldn't agree more.
We got pounded with 10 more friggin inches this morning, which doesn't seem like much to some but for us it's drastic.
I'm sooo over snow and with a forecast of - digits in the morning ,waaaay over winter to.

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Poor fellow has worn out his welcome!! Certainly is well shaped & not a hint of a droop or drip, long time before he will be sweating with temps in the - range! BRRRR. I worked 2 days out with long shorts on & it got pretty warm, didn't get a tan tho. Today it was very windy & it had a chill to it so settled for jeans to clean up back yard. Hope it is warm tomorrow as still have lot to do.Several roses need pruning back & fruit tree stakes put in. Just think, with all that snow you don't have garden chores!! Of course you get to shovel or ride the blower!! Jan

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slinkey sentiments exactly!
Sent this on to friends

Thanks for the laugh.


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Marlene Kindred

We haven't had enough this year to make a snowman, just enough each time with a layer of ice to make a huge mess! I agree with you ladies....I am sick of cold and snow!

This picture is just too funny...thanks Karen for the giggle!

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