2002 Ford explorer XLS brake lights won't go out

sharon620September 10, 2005

Hello everyone!

My husbands for explorer's brake lights won't go out. One will go out in the park postition if you turn the blinker on. But the other one and the top light will stay on.

It is saturday night and we will not be able to find a mechanic until Monday. I am afraid it is going to die with these lights on.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for everything!


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It sounds like the brake light switch may be stuck. On some vehicles you can find the switch down near the brake pedal. Often it is depressed when the brake pedal is not applied, and then it releases when the brake is applied. But if you can't find the switch, pull out the fuse for the brake lights to turn the lights off. You're right, it will not take long for the lights to run the battery down. If they stay on overnight, the battery will be run down by morning.

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Explorer owners, Good day! First of all i would like to state my apology in putting up this thread. Just badly need help with the brake lights of my car and i hope you understand. Feel free to remove this one in case you think this is an inappropriate post. So, I recently bought a used 2000 Explorer XLS and the one brake light was not working and the other one was intermittently working. I replaced both brake lamps and still had the same problem.I replaced
both brake lamps and still had the same problem. Upon close inspection of the lamp sockets, I discovered that theyboth showed signs of overheating. I replaced both brake lamp sockets with an aftermarket product called Conduct-Tite lampsocket found off the shelf the shop here in our place. The part number is 84764. This part number
is for Ford trucks from 1997 and newer. The part is American made by Motormite, Division of R&B, Inc., Colmar, PA 18915. The price was $7.95 for each socket. This fixed my problem. The counter man also recommended that I use a heat transfer silicon type salve smeared on the base of the replacement brake lamps, which I bought.

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