awww, we missed celebrating Teddy Bear

PurplemoonFebruary 17, 2012

"According to the Dates in History website,

the first Teddy Bear was introduced in America

on February 15, 1903"....

Two years ago, when some of us were keeping track of various "holidays" to play with, Teddy's Birthday was one that I had to do. Even I can't resist teddy bears and tea.

This is a repeat for some of you, but thought others might get a kick out of seeing my silly teddy bears' picnic again. (I don't know if I could find the old post with commentary, but here's the photos)

Happy LATE Birthday, Teddy Bear!

The Police Bear is in honor of my sons, the Lady Bear in last photo was handcrafted by a gal who use to make bears,

and the OLD Brown Teddy in next to last photo was my first one that Dad gave me when I was a toddler!! ;o)

I definitely should celebrate that bear's birthday now!

hugs, Karen-who's-trying-to-be-entertaining-for-a-change

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Hey! I remember your Teddy Bear table!

I think you got us all to make one. Remember???? Here's mine. I found it in my Fourth of July folder for some reason.
It looks like a Teddy Bear Picnic.

Karen, I'm glad you remember this. I"m marking it on my calendar so i can cook one up on my blog for next year.

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That eHarmony add at the top of the page is driving me nuts! Do any of you get it too?

I keep collapsing it, but like a bad penny, it keeps coming back.

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I'm sorry we Missed Teddy Bear Day, but I'm glad to see the pictures from 2 years ago.
You have a nice collection, Karen and they Look like they are enjoying their Tea Party.
OA, Looks yours are having fun at 'Teddy Bears Picnic'.
My DH always sang that to my kids when they were little.
He sang so off key that they would cover their ears. LOL

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Marlene Kindred

Cute teddies! My in-laws used to collect bears of all kinds...I never knew there were so many varieties. But, they are sweet!

OA....if you install a popup blocker on your computer, the ads will stop. You can download them for free.

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Here's my Teddy Bear Picnic Table from last year.

Karen , love your teddy tea, and OA , very cute table!

Here is a link that might be useful: Teddy Bear Picninc

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oops Kathleen, that link shows your Mardi Gras Table.

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Sorry I missed out on TB bears would have loved to join in...
Love your sweeties - all decked out in their finest, and
sitting at such a 'fancy tea' too!

OA..Love your couple...especially the 'Cool Dude' with the glases!! lol


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Oh, I love these Teddy Bear pics from the past!! So cute! Don't have a t'scape to share but here's Dollbaby's tray'scape from last yr in March:

...and just a few months ago at Thanksgiving:

Happy Belated Teddy Bear Day! Thanks for starting this thread, PM! & for sharing 'Holiday-ers!' Jeanne S.

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I must of not submitted my comment on this before.
Karen, love the Bear Tea you set. Real tea makes it so neat. You have quite the collection there.Fun, fun.

OA, teddy with sun glasses, binoculars and treats. How sweet. Love the checkered pm and napkins.

Jeanne, so glad you let Dollbaby join with her teddies.

You ladies are so fun. We should do a Teddy table again one of these years. This brought back memories. I remember having an old brown teddy bear when I was young that had a hole in. DM must of got tired of sewing it up and tossed it.


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