hy John G. Check this out

kaliningSeptember 28, 2009

ford aspire. 1995. 4 cyl. The rad cooling fan roasted. And i mean ROASTED. Even melted the fan center. Well as you know this fan is controled by the computer. I checked it out. Wiring is good. Relay is good. sender is good.

Computer is bad. Here is the thing and i know you know what

they said. " Can you just put in a bypass switch with a

wire so she can turn the cooling fan on and off ? " . My

answer is NO. The computer is fried on the cooling fan side

so how do you know what else is screwed. She wasn't happy.

Yes i charged her for my time. Oh yah. Forgot to tell you

there is a third party involved telling her another story.

So now i'm the A-- hole in this problem. I said i don't fix things this way. It's not fixed it's just Mickey moused.Broke my ankel 3 weeks ago. Got my finger caught in

a starter driver last week. ( ripped it in two up to the first knuckel ).Don't ask. Can hardly wait to see what happends this week. This how my " day " went. Just thought

i'd let you know you are not the only one that gets S%^T

for tring to help some one. Oh yah. When i charged them $60.00 they had a shi^.

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Of course I have to agree with them Kalinin, you really blew this one. $60 wasn't nearly enough of a fee to deal with something like that. ;~)

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send it over to our place, i`ll wire a bypass into it. and i guarantee it, till you leave my lot.

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Some of this mickey mouse round abouts people want i guarantee too. Warranty void if the ignition is turned on.

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