Real Way To lower Gas Prices

iggieSeptember 4, 2005

What we need is a national conservation movement, emphasis should be put on carpooling, neighbors combining grocery shopping trips, use public transportation whenever possible. Check the air in vehicle tires once per week to insure proper inflation, drive slower speeds on the highway. Just our president advocating a conservation program like this would cause a drop in gas prices. So would an announcement that our government is going to fully fund all types of feasiable alternate energy research. There are several very promising systems out there, grant these programs the same funding aa NASA and the high gas prices would dissapear very quickly/ However, as long as nothing is done the oil cartel will continue to pork us. They,ll use every excuse under the sun to raise prices. Some fanatic in Iraq blows a local pipeline that gets fixed two hours later, this is used as a reason to hike our gas prices a few cents . Some company shuts a refinery down for rountine maintance and prices jump a dime. Many of the media hacks seem to have a full time job explaining why gas prices are going to rise. They mention an oil related incident 4 hours later prices jump.

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We need a president and political party that genuinely care about the people and conservation..
Bush and the Republicans care about those who bought them the election and support them now.... And it will continue this way until the people take to the streets....

I suspect we are approaching the last decade of heavy petroleum use, that now, today (actually years ago), is the time to switch to bio-Diesel, coal, and nuclear..

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4 hrs for the gas prices to go up?? well iam going to have look into this, and see if we can get that down to 1/2 hr or so.

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Suppy and demand. We can all do something to reduce demand, i.e., the opening statements.

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No matter what we do $3.00 a gallon gas is here to stay.The cartels and big oil don't care about you,only lining their pockets.Anyone who thinks gas will go down to what it was priced at two years ago is only deluding themself.It might drop for a little while,then the Saudis will scratch their balls or something and the pump prices will rise back up within days!Can't depend on politicians to do anything as they are all inept bums!All you can do is get a fuel efficient vehicle and not drive quite as much.

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I agree with Iggie. Just having the President announce a national program to encourage conservation would in itself cause prices to drop a little -- even before the first drop of fuel was conserved. Like the other commodities markets, the oil market is run by speculators. They buy and sell oil futures just like stocks and bonds. Markets like that are basically just big rumor mills. But the nice thing is, it works both ways. You get big price run-ups in those types of markets, and you also get sudden and drastic price collapses. Having the world's biggest oil user announce a conservation program could cause just such a collapse.

The current gas price spike hasn't even been driven by oil prices -- it's been driven by the wholesale price of gasoline. (There's a speculative market on that as well as crude oil.) Crude oil was still just a little under $70 a barrel Friday, right where it had been hovering since before Katrina. But due to fears that we might run into a shortage of gasoline due to refinery and pipeline outages, that price went up on its own even though oil didn't.

I don't know if $3 a gallon gas is here to stay or not, but if we'd put just a 10 cent a gallon tax on gasoline and funnel every dollar of it straight into research and development on alternative fuels, the price of gasoline would probably actually go down because of the tax, not up. The knowledge that we were getting serious about alternative fuels would probably cause the price of gasoline to drop more than the 10 cents that the tax would add. But the tax can't go anywhere but into alternative energy R and D. No more debacles like the "tobacco settlement" where a pile of money was ripped off ultimately from consumers and then handed over to states to do basically whatever they wanted with.

The thing that scares me about all this, though, is that there are a lot of smart people running things in Washington and elsewhere, and they know all this stuff. Anyone who takes a 10 minute serious look at the oil situation can figure out what we need to do to get things moving in the right direction. But my fear is that they don't want to do that because $70 a barrel oil is just far too lucrative for too many campaign contributors and high-level officials, and that's of both parties, not just the current one in the White House. I don't know if they want to put the cash cow on a diet.

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I think you nailed it cowboyind.

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Great post cowboyind! But I don't think even a 10 cent per gallon tax would ever be approved by the pols in DC. After all,their main concern is to get reelected and stay in power and raising taxes even a little bit is like kryptonite to them,especially the party in power.And the big oil lobby will fight any such initiative tooth and nail with the help of the prez and veep who are in their pockets!

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The last two posts make some true and powerful statements.It amazes me that the American people allow their energy needs , in fact our way of life to be controlled by a bunch of speculators, political campaign contributors and lobbyists, however, they are. Not one word from a high official of either party about a national conservation effort, or funding for alternate energy source research. A botany professor built a pilot plant and demonstrated that gasoline could be easuly produced from milkweed sap. I read a report on this plant, it stated this plant has no disease, insects don,t like it and it can be grown on waste land. The botanist experimenting with this plant states that with selective breeding and genetic engineering aplant could be produced that would supply several times the amount of sap found in a wild milkweed plant. He believes with this approach and proper research, enough plants to supply 100% of of oil needs could be grown on the wasteland available in our western states. I don,t know if this true or just conjecture. However, it should thoroughly checked out and funded if anyshows any merit. The oil situation is only going to get worse in the future. The world supply is dwindling and demsand is growing. All I can say is if we Americans do not wake up and demand our governmk,ent start doing something to find a source of alternate energy, the present messe and the gas shortages of few years back will look like a Sunday school picnic

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