Capitol vs blue star 36"

patrick_CTMarch 1, 2013

I have expanded my search and was looking at some of the open burner 36" range top. We want 6 burner.

The options seem to be either a Captial CGRT366 or a Blue Star RGTNB366BSS in LP.

Anyone have insight on which is a better appliance?

Are they really that much better to keep clean than the Wolf 6 burned sealed ones?

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The whole cleaning issue is a red herring - there are advocates on both sides - just as there are differences of opinion on whether sealed burners are as effective for cooking as open burners. If you can cook on the ranges that you're interested in you'll get a much better feel for what you want if you can find places that have the ranges live.

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> which is a better appliance?

Neither is "better". Some prefer one, others prefer the other. You need to look at both and make your own mind up.

If you search these forums, you will find long - and often rancorous - threads debating the differences. If you keep your critical faculties engaged, you will realize that most of the details that are debated so passionately are in reality very minor.

Note that Capital Culinarians are now shipping with a "small pan burner", so you can ignore all the threads about simmering.

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Agree with all of the above. There are videos about cleaning open burners so you can see the most efficient way to do this.

Most cooking is probably done on moderate heat, so there is little difference in open and closed burners. Your cookware makes more difference than the burner and compensates for what your burner does not do -- no burner can be all things. "Keep your critical faculties engaged" is great advice.
With higher heat though you will get more flare, which may or may not be significant to you. Even with high heat, 15-17K the difference may depend on the design of the burner. The difference is more significant on very high heat, 22-23K,as you get more flare with the sealed burner so in that level of heat it might be better to have an open burner depending on the size of pan you use.. There is a 5 star that claims a range of 350 BTUs to 21K BTUs in a sealed burner but not too many have commented on it.
In comparing the two appliances listed, do you prefer different sized burners or 5 the same and one small burner? Cleaning is different between the two. Do you like the grates better on one or the other? What seems to be a more comfortable fit just standing in front of it. It is unfortunate that you cannot compare the low end of BTUs on these ranges to compare the simmer.

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