Rearview Mirror Glue - Need Help

cactuscatieSeptember 5, 2009

My son applied the rearview metal button backwards and now he can't fit the mirror.

Does anyone know how to loosen the glue used so he can get the button off.

Thanks so much.

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Try acetone, which is the active ingredient in most fingernail polish removers.

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If that doesn't work, just get another piece and glue it above, below, along side, or on top of the one that was installed wrong.

Long ago a coworker of mine did the same thing and broke the windshield trying to remove it. Not worth doing that for sure.

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Gary is correct, simply get a new base and glue it on-top of the one in correctly installed. To prevent this from happening, I take a piece of electrical tape and attach it to the mirror side of the base with one side longer so that I can make a tag by folding the tape over to distinguish the top of the base as well.

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