Bathroom - Shower remodel/extension

swtsaeMarch 28, 2012

I've posted a pic of the master bathroom setup. I'm focusing primarily on the shower. We'd like to remove the existing "cultured marble" shower and have a tile shower and possibly look at extending it to make it larger than what it currently is.

Anyone have a similar bath to this and have done a remodel? Would love to see some ideas on how to handle this bathroom.

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Do you want to keep your bath tub? Do you want to move your plumbing around for the shower so the faucet is on the left wall? With the current location of the shower faucet I don't see any purpose of making the shower any wider and I'd be worried about encroaching into the vanity space.

You should really post more pictures of different angles and a floor plan of the current layout if you want design ideas.

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We're not really interested in moving around any of the vanities. We're happy with where they are. As far as moving or removing the tub we were pretty much thinking of tiling around it to make it look a bit more updated.

Here is another angle with the tub and shower.

I guess our thoughts were to obviously remove the current shower glass and update to a seamless glass setup, but thought about extending the length of the shower to be more substantial and possible add a seat on the left wall.

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The only way I can see you getting any more usable space for the shower is to remove the shelf by the bathtub and rotate it 90 degrees but it's hard to tell if that will affect your walkway into the bathroom without a floor plan. That's going to require removing some tile and getting some rough plumbing done to relocate the bathtub faucet.

There is a bigger problem though due to the way your windows are designed, it won't allow you to lengthen the shower into the old bathtub space without looking very awkward.

You can see how trying to make your shower a little bit bigger can end up turning into a huge project. The builder had a very specific design when they created your bathroom so it makes it difficult to change one aspect without changing many other things. You may want to consult a professional.

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Is the current shower 3x3? It's hard to know without measurements, but it looks like you might be able to extend it out toward the vanity a bit (depending on the distance between them.) I envision an angled door - running diagonally from the front right corner of the tub, hinging at the point it meets with a shorter end piece going straight out from the wall.

If the look bothers you more than the size, getting it tiled and putting in frameless glass would go a long ways toward making it look very chic.

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doesn't look like room to lengthen the shower. you might be able to widen it a bit (extend toward vanity).

it's just too difficult to tell w/o a layout shown with measurements.

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Well, in order to get what you want, you're going to have to compromise something. That said, if it were me, I'd loose the vanity portion of the cabinet and extend the shower so it's the length of the entire back wall. Then you'll have plenty of room for an ample sized door and the bench you want.

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That was my thought as well. Thinking of making the whole back wall the shower.

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