Shock job

timbulbSeptember 18, 2007

I'd like to change the front shocks on my 02 Mazda 2300 truck. Will I need any special tools? Namely a torque wrench?

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A torque wrench is not really needed by most people for that level of a repair. Years ago when I was first learning to be a tech I remember being told, "Tights right, too tights broke". It takes some time to really learn the feel of a fastener. But essentially there is always a point where you feel it stop turning tighter and then it goes into "stretch" mode. Any properlly tightened bolt has stretched a specific amount, that's what keeps it from coming loose. If you seriously are not sure how much a particular fastener should be tightened, then of course a torque wrench would be adviseable. In practice, most people find they tend to overtighten bolts, but get away with it because of how strong todays materials are.

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