Happy Valentine's to All

PurplemoonFebruary 14, 2012

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day. I probably won't be posting for a few days, dealing with first anniversary of losing my Dad.

DH decided to make things worse and upset me so much I took all my Val decor down today (the 13th). I told him not to even bother giving me a card this year. (I threw his in the trash, he can do the same with mine if he already bought it). Not that he cares one way or the other about anything. I guess its nice only ONE of us gets upset and hurt! Wish I lived in his world and didn't have to FEEL things.

Does Bah Humbug work for Valentines too?


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Karen, so sorry you are hurting in more ways than one. Remember your parents are together and watching over you. It breaks my heart you took down your deccor that you enjoy so much.

Wish I could just give you a big hug and tell you everything will be alright. Does Bah Humbug work for Valentines too? Yes, it apparently does from the sounds of things. Say your prayers and always remember 'Prayers go up and Blessings Come Down.'

I'm heading to bed to say a prayer for you, honey. Mr O is not nice and that's sad.

Happy Valentines Day. Thanks so much for sharing all the decorating you did for Valentines Day. I for one sure enjoyed it.

Love, Punk

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Thanks, Punk. I'm glad you enjoyed my decor, tho I wish I'd followed my first instinct and didn't do it.
And for that matter, gotten rid of it as I thought about doing. I don't expect it will be here next Valentine's tho.

I owe you, and the whole forum, an apology for dumping such a load of "upset" on here. It just sort of spilled out.
Actually Mr O. IS a nice guy, never gets mad or upset, VERY laid-back and easy going. He's just sort of a cold person when it comes to emotions. Things don't really bother him, so he can't understand others reactions usually. And I'm totally opposite, really emotional and sensitive!
Its very rare for me to get so upset with him tho, but this time its a doozy! Of course he had NO clue how I felt till I spelled it out, and WHY. Not that he understands, but at least he knows how I feel for a change!

Nearly 4am, guess I should try going to bed. Wish I could sleep the next couple of days away.
I'll be back here as usual soon as I can.

hugs, Karen

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Aww, Karen what a shame!! Just when you were making progress.
Sometimes husbands can be such..well men!
Don't forget we are here for you.
Big Hugs

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Jeanne S.

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Karen NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE to us here...WE understand.
What better place to unload than here. We've all been
guilty of doing that at times..and it does help to know you can without be judged!
I'm so sorry for the sorrow and pain you are
going through. Like Nana said, you've been making such progress.
I know you've been pushing yourself and going 'thru the motion' to get by at this time.
I think we've all been aware, as the anniversary of
your Dad's passing nears..how hard it is for you.
I think a good percent of Men are clueless to women's feelings...
and some more than others. It's so hurtful
when the ones we love show us no emotion when we need it.

Like Punk said, I wish I can give you a big hug to comfort you...so it will have to be a
'virtual hug'...(((((((hug))))))).
My prayers are with you to give you the strength you need to help you through this.


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Marlene Kindred

Nothing else to say except we love you Karen!!

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