More Valentine Decor

phonegirlFebruary 2, 2012

Decided to try again or it may never happen.LOL This is the rest of my Valentine decor.

These are two of my Christmas trees I bought after Christmas for .80 each and decorated for VDay. The silver tea set was DM.

Here's TJ, still in her snowflake outfit. Hopefully I'll get lucky and find her a new outfit before next year. She has a message for all of 'You' from us.

I had bought this Christmas Traditions White Pine Teapot to go with my plates and candle holder. Forgot about it till now so set it on my serving cart to enjoy. My Old Timers must of been at it again during the Holidays as I didn't even think about it till I put my plates away and seen the box.

The cross stitch in the background was one DM made.

It says

I can only please one person per day

Today is not your day

Tomorrow is not looking good either

It hangs all year in my utility room. Set it in the window since it has red hearts.

Here's a close up of my teapot. The snow is coming again tonight according to the weather so may get to leave it out longer.

Decorated this buffet for DM. It's been 10 years today since she left to be with her savior. No matter what happened she always told me to be 'NICE'. I followed thru with my children with this same saying. Tis true the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

This is my decor in the purple bathroom that DGD uses.

Hope something may inspire some of you to share your decor with all of us.


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Punk, its a darn good thing "eye-candy" isn't fattening. I'd have gained 10 lbs, at least, from all your Valentine decor! I'm running out of words to tell you how wonderful it ALL is. I'm sure you know of course how I feel about the purple floral arrangement....LOVE. WANT. NEED. ;o)
I've got several neat purple glass vases just waiting for something spectacular like that! Can you come do them?

Your mama would be so proud of you, you've got great decorator genes! I bet DGD will inherit them too.

Those little Christmas trees are so neat for Valentines!
(Note to Self...remember this next time! I was already kicking myself for never buying a little white or pink tree during Christmas sales, just for Val and Easter decorating.)
Somebody remind me of this next time. LOL. And you're really teasing me with that white berry garland I think!
It looks so good in your displays.

I never thought about using silver, but you and Jeanne are making me do some thinking. Tho I'm allergic, LOL, to polishing the stuff. (think its called Lazy-itis).

Teegan needs me to shop too. I really need to find her something in red. All she has now is the red plaid
"Christmas" dress. Hopefully she and TJ will find something suitable for Valentine's. Tho TJ looks pretty cute already wearing pink, and with her neat goodies on the tray. Love that she even has a heart necklace!!

I will have some photos to share tomorrow. I got 'inspired' (or enabled) to get out my Valentine decor. So today I started doing the bay window and few small touches in other areas. I think when I saw the advice to decorate by my parents' portraits, that was the deciding factor! Loved that idea! Plus I have been reminding myself Dad would WANT me to decorate for Valentine's, and not let myself be overwhelmed with the sad memories of losing him the last one. He was ALWAYS such a happy person, with a smile that lit up a room. So I hope he's smiling now at me.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen for all the sweet comments. If I could skip work I'd be on the first flight out. I would love to discover your secrets on decorating. You always do such a fantastic job.

I don't care for all the polishing that comes with silver but have discovered polishing clothes that work great. Will be looking forward to seeing your Valentine pictures.


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Oh punk, I've enjoyed your V-posts! TJ is just so adorable in this pic w/her tray-scape! She definitely is a 'pink' person! Love the lil' tea sets & her heart message.

Now, you know what I love the most here ...that pine pitcher, of course! You had to be thinking of me when you bought it! Tee hee! Anyway, it looks great on the side table/buffet(?) w/all the 'red' decor ...& those 'birdies, too...candlesticks, stacked plates, EVERYTHING! & your DM's cross-stitch memory!

The other buffet you decorated for your Mom...just so SWEET! That lil' angel girl & your garlands & candlelight! So good to celebrate the love of your Mom!

The purple flower arrangement is GORGEOUS! So pretty in there! You have inspired me, woman! But I can only 'oogle' & 'ahhh' right now. Thanks so much! Jeanne S.

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It looks lovely! I don't do too much for Val. Day, but wait till March!
No snow here, and I am happy! To make it till Feb 2 nd with just 6 inches is a gift!

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I just love your decor; the Valentine trees are pure genius!

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Jeanne, I did think of you when I bought this teapot! Hope your almost done with your flooring. I'm so excited to see it.

Kathleen, I'm surprised you don't do much for Valentine's Day. Always enjoy your tables you set. You also come up with the neatest tables for St. Paddy's too. I love your shamrock plates.

Neesie, glad you like the trees.

Thanks for all the comments ladies. We are going to get our taxes done in the morning. Have the auction and dinner tomorrow night so have a busy schedule ahead.


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OH, it all looks so wonderful. I I'm "pining" after your teapot set, and your silver service is TDF!!
I'll bet DGD looks forward to seeing what GM has decorated for her lately!
I really like the jar with all the heart candies, but I have been so bad over the holidays eating all the sweets I made, that I have gained much of the weight back that I had worked so hard to lose, : (, so no candy hearts for me this year!!! Nope, not gonna do it, I'm defintely not going to buy any Valentine's candy! No sirree, nada, none, not any!! Now if I can just listen to myself, LOL..

You and Karen are both an inspiration, so now I need to get my rear in gear and get some more Valentine decor going.


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Love this, Punk! I wish TJ Happy Valentines Day, too. The vignette in your utility room buffet looks so pretty. I love the tea pot. The buffet looks lovely. I really love that sweet little figurine.
Until I found holidays, the only decorating I did for Valentine's Day was my tree. You guys are such an inspiration!

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Wowie! You've been a busy gal. I'm with everyone on the Valentine Trees. They look super.

Be NICE! Yep. That's the ticket to a happier life. I think about my mom at least once every single day.

The cross stitch is a hoot.

Love all that berry garland. I aways like decorating with that stuff. It sort of melts everything together, don't you think?

Now, sit back with a good cup of coffee (tea?) and enjoy all you've created.

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Candy, have you bought any candy yet?LOL We always have candy around. It's not the candy that gets to me. It's the pie, cookies, cake and donuts.

Nana, I don't think anyone decorated as much before finding the 'Holiday Enablers.LOL It's so fun tho to see all the posts and enjoy the love here.

OA, the berry garland is nice for a change. DD has all the different colored berry wreaths in her home. I keep telling her I need to borrow the lt blue and lt yellow for Easter but she hasn't brought them up.haha

I sat back today with my coffee and painted and decoupaged wooden clothes hangers for DGD's American Girl doll's clothes. Couldn't believe how slow I was and I'm still not done.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my decor.


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Wow glad I caught this post.
Your V Decorations are lovely.
Your DM's tea set is just beautiful and in such great shape. Those two trees were great buys and I like how your decorated them.
TJ looks cute with her little tea set and Valentines.
I really like your Christmas Traditions White Pine Teapot.
Glad you got a chance to use it with your dishes. It would have been awful if you found it during the Summer!
Your DM's cross stitch (cute saying) a nice treasure to have and display.
I love how you decorated your buffet and dedicated it to your DM. Was the little Valentine Girl your DM's..She's sweet and so nostalgic looking.
I hope you're enjoying all your 'lovely' hard work!

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Thanks so much for all your sweet comments Jane.
The little girl wasn't DM's but has always
reminded me of the two of us. The cross
stitch was one DM had stitched. I framed
it so I could enjoy it more.


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