Are Kohler Highline and Wellworth the same toilets?

whiteycatMarch 7, 2014

We want to replace 2 toilets - master and upstairs bathrooms. ( We recently put a Kohler Memoirs toilet in our powder room and we love it overall.) I am thinking of getting the Kohler Highline for these replacements. Not the Highline Classic, the newer one that looks just like the Wellworth, where the sides of the tank are concave, not convex.

Is the newer Highline (not the Classic) the same toilet as the Wellworth? They look exactly the same.

We want comfort height, 1.6 gf, elongated seat. Any feedback on the Highline is appreciated. Thanks!

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Looks as if no one has information on the toilets. Contact Kohler, or go over the specs with a fine tooth comb to compare. If you find anything be sure to post.

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It would appear that it is the case. The only difference appears to be the height of the seat--the Highlines are the comfort height version and the Wellworth is the standard height.

Hope this helps!

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