Metal Roofing

MichelleDTFebruary 24, 2012

Is a basic standing seam metal roof really less expensive (considerably less) than concrete tile roofing?

I am getting conflicting information. Half say yes, half say no. We are in the design phase and I would prefer a metal roof to go with the overall design of the home which is contemporary.

Thanks experts.

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It was in our case on the house we build in 2004. Also, we loved the metal roof. It wasn't noisy, reflected heat and our energy bills were amazing. We are building again (as soon as we get the plan together)and disappointed the subdivision will not allow metal roofs.

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Get real world estimates, multiple, from reputable roofing contractors in your area. If you are d.i.y., get estimates from suppliers. In most cases standing seam will be less dependent on how cut up your roof is, but you would be wise to go a little heavier gauge on the metal if you go that route. A little more expense but more stable if you are in windy , hail, heavy rainfall area. Obviously you aren't in a freezing climate area considering concrete tile.

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Thanks...yes, we need estimates...we are in design and I love the look of the metal roof. Should go to bid in two weeks so we will see. Just wondered if not was the time to reconsider roofing.


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Just FYI, if you are in an area that gets heavy snow fall, snow sliding off our metal roof took out our wood stove chimney twice before we rerouted it through the side of the house. But we're high in the Sierras - major snow.

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