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gerty1231March 25, 2014

Please weigh in with master bathroom comments. We plan to install a free standing bathtub and a glass shower with glass door.

In the original house plan, the entrance to the master bedroom was right off of the family room across from the stairs. To create privacy, we redesigned the entry to the master bedroom to have a bit of an alcove before reaching the door to the master.

By doing this, we reduced the floor space in the master bathroom? Is that space too small now? Do you see a more workable layout? Oh, and thanks to this site, we now know that the toilet closet door should swing outward. (It is common where we live to have the closet at the rear of the bathroom.)

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I think the master bathroom looks good, but there are no measurements and there are distances that need to be considered. The toilet door could also be a pocket door as could the closet door, and the door to the bathroom for that matter. One thing about the other bathroom is that the door swing will interfere with who ever is standing at the sink. It should swing out or be a pocket door in my opinion, for safety reasons. Otherwise that bathroom looks like a very efficient layout too.

I will link a site that has some helpful information.

Here is a link that might be useful: illustrated rules of good bathroom design

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Like enduring, I am a big fan of the pocket door. (more expensive to install, more hardware, more trim, etc), but totally worth it, especially for your toilet room, as you won't have to worry about the out-swing hitting the shower door.

I see that you have double doors entering from MBR, and they will swing into the bedroom? Double doors can give quite a luxurious feel. Ironically the only Master that I had double doors in was our very first home, a duplex! LOL

Your bedroom is a nice size. looks like a good layout. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, post a plan of your vanity, we like to pick apart...I mean make suggestions...constructive only of course! LOL

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Enduring: Thanks for your comments. I have included some additional measurements for the master bathroom. In terms of the other bathroom, we didnâÂÂt know whether it was better to hit the person walking past in the hall or hit the person standing at the sink! LOL I will try to take a look at the link you included later tonight. I will take all the help I can get.

Raehelen: Thanks I will definitely think about your suggestion for a pocket door into the master bathroom (it is probably a given for the water closet). Every house I have lived in has had double doors, so it was not something on my radar. Oh, and thanks for the invite, I will definitely post again with details of the vanity further down the road. Thanks for all your help.

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Just to clarify, if the double doors open into the BR, then no need for the pocket door there. Do think it's adviseable for the water closet though.

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Hello everyone. As we are working on the details of the house, we are starting to worry that the master bathroom looks boring. We want an easy, functional design but something that looks a little more custom. What do you think about the 3 options (with the option 1 being only slightly different) below compared to the original layout? Do you see any alternatives? We would be willing to give up the closet (across from the master) and/or slightly adjust the fireplace if needed.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Option 2

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Option 3

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I love seeing creativity thinking thru options and big props for the switching the entrance, can appreciate the privacy factor.

I was ready to offer thoughts but my first reaction to seeing original was very much liking the balance of it. My only tought was how an all glass enclose shower along with space above tube would help fell of room being more spacious.

DESIGN 1 - the built in is fine but personally wouldnt do it there, Id have full glass shower with no builtin coveing it and would tuck shelves of built-in around the corner inside closet which seems spacious enough to accommodate it - more room for bathroom

DESIGN 2 - my fav although at first didnt feel it (as I like balance of #1) but have to admit its looks more spacious and this would be my choice. Loving the unobstructed wall window and with the glass shower to the side, extending the spacious feel gets my vote although two is still quite nice.

DESIGN 3 - appreciate the creativity but just not a fan of this style shower if you can go glass. Not bad, perfectly fine but to me simply darker and not as nice as an open shower.

Thats preference, cant see issue though with any three youve done -wish I'd had you to consult with when I struggled trying to nail down my bath layout.

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Okay not just loving bedroom entrance change, jealous - had to give mine up in order to get changes I wanted to the bathroom like your giving up bathroom space to get your entance changed. It was so important to me too but had to concede (with nobody other then myself LOL) that our bed bath is already private on opposite side of house, only viewable from hallway to it.

Ivet the most amazing, accommodating (patient LOL) contractor but he cannot defy science when I want a
given space to serve as privacy bedroom entrance but also as part of the expanded bathroom.

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I was torn between option 1 and option 3. I like seeing the tub as you enter the master bath in option 1, but I think you need a pocket door to eliminate door interference with the sink. I like seeing the shower.
I like option 3 a little better because it seems so functional. The tub and shower aren't as visible, but all the doors seems logically placed. You have a much larger shower and could open it up by doing a half wall with glass next to the vanity. I like the window in the toilet area and it will probably add to the light in the room. I'm sure the window over the tub will light up your shower also.

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Thanks for all of the nice compliments and feedback. I am especially excited to hear some positive comments about our decision to change the entrance to the master and make it more private. I had been second guessing that decision and now feel really good about the choice.

Please keep the comments coming.

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I like option 3. I like the toilet next to the bathroom, so you don't have to traverse the bathroom in the middle of the night to use it. If the door swings out that will be great. I would want a 32" door into the toilet for easier access, 36" doors everywhere would be my requirement if I was building new.

I like the closed shower on the sides with a glassed front. I don't think I'd like taking a shower with a view into the shower from the vanity, as was suggested to add more light/glass. My shower is glassed front only, and I have plenty of openness IMO. It is 5' of glass on the front and alcove sides. I have a fan/light combo in my shower. But then my shower is only 3 feet deep.

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In hindsight after my comment, the alcove entrance seems to create LESS privacy and also seems to create awkwardness in the family room. I was focused on your bathroom options and didnt look fully at the alcove implications

A view being blocked with an alcove would be one across from it. Because bedroom / family room are diagonal, the view into bedroom is still there, not blocked and now shifted closer (see attached).

The family room walls are balanced with fireplace, side french doors and adjacent island centered on their walls. The alcove seems to cut off the fireplace wall kind of abruptly and, to me, unfortunately seem too close to the fireplace (also on attached)

Hope this doesnt sound critical - trying to be helpful, not knowing if you are aware /fine with this so if not, youd have option to consider. Im also in building home, in construction yet tweaking plans and know with layouts being one dimensional, not all aspects are always apparent without thinking them thru.

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If your happy with the alcove, disregard this but wondered if you had considered the door closer to the house front. (attached).

My prior home also had both dining room and master bedroom with foyer between at front of house and bedroom door was located by front door. It greatly restricted the view into my bedroom.

I had only lawn in front while yours has a front porch and yours seems to have a full view from porch thru large window into your bedroom. Not questioning but curious since you seemed interested in bedroom privacy. On our new build, we've bedroom at back of house for this reason (maybe more an issue for me LOL)..

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