Anyone know cars?

codothemanSeptember 9, 2008

My Car: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am V-6 3.4L engine

My car has always given me trouble starting on occasion. But it has been more frequent recently. And just yesterday i woke up and drove down the street to work, its about a 5-10 minute drive. When i got there and shut the car of i attempted to use the electronic locks, nothing happend. I tried to start it and it was dead. I got a jump after work and drove it around base for like a half hour. Everything seemed fine because it ran a few hours later that night when i wen to clean it out (i am certain i left not electronics on inside). The same thing happend this morning, with the car dieing and all. I got another jump and drove for like 20 minutes, parked it and attempted to start it after i ate. And it died again there! Please help!

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I would have the battery tested. Else, it could be the alternator.

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In addition to testing the battery, I would examine the battery cables. These must be in good condition and have a clean conection to the battery posts. In rare cases, the wire may have a poor connection inside the lead battery post clamps. These may appear ok on the outside but have lost good connecivity inside. look at both ends of the cable. Clean and reconnect the far ends of the cables too.

If you have access to the electrical diagrams, look for gounding/return points that are common to the electric door circuits and the starter solenoid. (You did not say what your start problem was: did nothing happen, or did the engine turn over without firing, or did it hit a bit, cough, and refused to keep running?

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Check the grounding strap, the one that goes from the engine to the car frame/body. This item is often hidden in out-of-the way places. Common locations are from the back of the engine to the firewall, or under the engine up front to a support member under the radiator. The ones up front under the radiator are troublesome, especially for geographic locations that use a lot of road salt.

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