Farmhouse sink and garbage disposer

AilsaMMarch 13, 2012

I am getting a farmouse sink and I would also like to get a garbage disposer as well. Can anyone tell me if I need to know anything in particular about the sink when I purchase the disposer? Do I need drain hole size or depth of clay? Also does the disposer come with it's own flange/disposer trim or do I still need to buy one?

Thanks for the imput.


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Sophie Wheeler

You will need to buy the extended flange kit if you are getting one of the fireclay sinks. And you will need to decide which color you wish for the flange as well. They come with a standard depth flange in stainless that will fit 97% of all sinks. It's just the thicker fireclay ones that need the extended flange. And of course, if you prefer nickel or oil rubbed bronze for the flange, that can run into some money.

They all use a standard sized drain hole (1 1/2" pipe), so you don't need to worry about that unless you are purchasing a prep sink to use with a disposer. Some of them use bar sized drains (1 1/4" pipe) that are too small to work with a disposal. If that's the case, and you anticipate using that sink as a prep sink, then it needs to be switched out to one that has a standard sized drain.

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I have two fireclay sinks, a Franke (prep) and a Whitehaus (30" apron-front) and neither of them needed the extra-deep (expensive) flange to mount the disposals.

Hence, I have two stainless steel deep flanges for In-sink-er-ator, that I would be willing to part with for a song...


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Sombreuil, I bought a Whitehaus Fireclay 30" sink. (Do you like yours?) (What horse power disposer did you get?) I also bought s disposer trim piece - will I need it with the disposer unit? Or should I send it back?

Hollyspings, thanks for the imput.

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I reused my old InSinkErator disposer in the big sink (it was the lowest-cost that was all stainless inside) and a 3/4HP "555" model ISE at the prep sink. Get _at least_ the 3/4hp one, it is so much quieter!
I'm very satisfied with the whitehaus, it is a very tough finish. It just doesn't look as classy as the Rohl, but for the savings it was well worth it. Plus, the Whitehaus sinks don't have the random cracking-at-the-flange problem/defect that others are plagued with.
If you already have the deep flange, have your plumber look at it and see if the stock model that comes with the disposal will do, then return the deep one if you can. I neglected to return them in a timely fashion so I'm out $75/each.

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