Just not my month John G

kaliningSeptember 30, 2009

What can you do ? This old man came into the yard with his

lawn mower carb in a bag. " my son tried to fix it but can't remember how to put it back together ". I assembeled it and set the float about 15 mins. " how much do i owe you ? " he said. Thinking repeat buisness i said don't worry about it. " i have to pay you something " . he says.

This went on for about 5 mins. I then said $10.00. I thought this guy had a coronary. " Good christ, your charging an old man $10.00 for this "? What the hell can you do ? You can't win no mater what you try. Here is the

thing out here. They will bring you $40.00 worth of liquer

but won't pay you $10.00. I love liquer but you can't take

that to SafeWay for bread and milk. So you think you have it bad. I'll never see that guy again. I hope.

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They may offer to pay you what you think is $40 of liquor but they probably distilled it themselves in the chicken shed. Never mind drinking it you could probably drive your car 500 miles off it.

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It's government liquer but don't drink their wine. That's
home brew at it's finest. That stuff will power a jet turbine. Good old choke cherry wine. It's actually pretty
damn good. Just don't get drunk on it. Ever had a 48 hour hang over ? :)

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Gee, $10? I figure if I ask someone "what time is it" I own at least that much. The old guy remembers when $2.50 an hour was good pay, I'm that old too :(

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