Installing wall oven under cooktop--gap needed between?

savoianMarch 20, 2014

Hello, this is my firsts posting, although I've enjoyed reading this forum very much throughout my kitchen renovation. We are installing a Kitchenaid convection oven underneath our countertop, and directly under a Jennair induction cooktop. I know it is just a trade-off we will have to live with that this oven is going to be low to the ground. My question is about how low it really needs to be. The cooktop sits on the counter, then below that we have 1-1/2" of countertop and subtop, then our contractor has allowed an extra 2" below that before installing our Kitchenaid convection oven. This extra 2 inches makes the oven quite close to the ground. We want to know if it's feasible to raise it to just under our countertop. So far, we have asked our contractor and he has said no, that space is for clearance. That answer makes a lot of sense except that when I start googling images of this same configuration (or even better, when I go on Houzz) I see maybe 1 picture with a gap like ours for every 10 that show the oven directly below the level of the countertop. And I'm only counting ones that have induction cooktops, in case that makes a difference. I've looked up the specs of one of the induction cooktops shown installed directly above our same Kitchenaid oven, and it is an Electrolux that is 2 inches deeper than ours! So what am I missing? It would be worth it for us to switch out an appliance at this point to gain the 2 extra inches in height. Or have the contractor reinstall them if we just know what to tell him. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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"⢠If cabinet has a drawer, allow a 51âÂÂ8" (13.0 cm) minimum clearance
between countertop and top of drawer"

Note that Jennair only recommends the installation of the top above certain of their ovens. Any other manufacturer used voids the warranty. They cannot predict how their cooktop will behave with unknown brands emitting heat directly below those sensitive electronics.

Put the oven elsewhere, or pick a different oven.

Here is a link that might be useful: Specs

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Our kitchen is not "Huge", but we had NO Problem in finding a place, (other than under our Elux Induction cooktop), to install our under counter oven.

We have a cupboard with a lazy susan , (where we keep the pans we use) under the cooktop, verrrrry handy!

This allowed us to raise the oven about 6 inches off the floor, again very handy for us since we are in our 70's.
The Elux oven with its fully gliding out racks, Its large window and large and well lit display also keeps our stooping to a minimum.

Since we both like to "due our thing" in the kitchen @ the same time, it's nice not to have to "Step aside" the cook top so the other can use the oven. We used to do that with our old kitchen that had a range~~~don't care to do that again~~~that's why we chose separates and in separate locations.


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LWA: where does JennAir say the warranty will be voided if one doesn't use there oven? Would the same hold true if one doesn't use their recommended hood?

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The last page of the dimension guide list approved ovens. They are only Jenn Air. The omission of anything else means anything else is not approved.

In the warranty mice type somewhere will be an out clause referencing approved/proper install or operator error, bla bla bla. You'll be denied compensated warranty coverage if they send someone out there and you have a non Jenn air setup, trust me.

No, a hood is not REQUIRED for a cooktop (warranty) - though it is foolish to not have one. Especially for gas.

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No, the last page is all hoods crossed matched with cooktops, gas and electric.

So, if I put a Kobe hood over a JennAir cooktop, I've voided the warranty of the cooktop?

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That's a good tip on the warranty issue. But my question is about the clearance between. I've seen note in the specs on needing 5-1/8" clearance, but my question is, how come when I go on a remodeling website like Houzz, I see nothing but ovens directly under countertops with cooktops on them? It doesn't seem like anyone is leaving 5-1/8" or anywhere close to that. Assuming a 1-1/2" countertop, they are all leaving about 2" between. How is this possible?

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Btw, on the warranty issue, I found this on Jenn-Air's we page for my cooktop (30" induction):

"This model was designed with a Universal Cutout that allows it to fit into any major competitor's existing wall oven cutout."

It sure sounds like they are encouraging you to use it with competitor's wall ovens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jennair 30

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That's a typo, meant for the wall ovens category, and has zero to do with how the cooktop fits over a wall oven. The important part is: "The dimensional specifications shown here are for planning purposes only. Please refer to the installation instructions before selecting cabinetry, making cutouts or beginning installation."

⢠For approved model number combinations, refer to the under counter
label on the bottom of the cooktop burner box."

30-Inch: JJW3430W, JJW2430W, JJW2330W
27-Inch: JJW2427W, JJW2327W

36-Inch: JIC4536X
30-Inch: JIC4430X"

98% of wall oven installs are in a wall oven cabinet, NOT under a cooktop. Of those under a cooktop, 80% of them are standard electric, not induction. Induction has it's own special set of requirements.

Here is a link that might be useful: Once again, specs,

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So, I called Jennair this morning, and after about 15 minutes of research, they came back and said my cooktop-oven combination was fine and will be covered by warranty. She said they just don't list other competitor's models in their specs but that Kitchenaid is "under their blanket of coverage" so as long as certain aspects of it match approved Jennair ovens, you're golden.

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One possible reason for the installation differences is that there are different clearance requirements for the different cooktops out there. Some require a lot of clearance for ventilation, some not so much.

Also, the different ovens take up different amounts of space with their control panels. The control panel is usually at the top (GE makes one with the panel on the door) and protrudes into the cabinet. The amount of this protrusion and its shape varies significantly and can intrude into the space needed for the cooktop.

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"They just don't list other competitor's models in their specs. .. that Kitchenaid is "under their blanket of coverage". ."

Hmmm. Kitchenaid and JennAir are both Whirlpool brands and manufactured in Whirlpool factories. Not really competitors, at all. But, as weed says, there may be different control placements which may affect clearances. Good that you checked with the helpline at JA as this info may help others.

Additionally, you might want to check out the very long thread on JennAir induction cooktops over on Chowhound. The postings for the last couple of weeks are that some JA induction cooktop owners have been having diffculties with getting "streak-free" cleaning of the cooktops and some are finding that JA's "boil-over" sensors are overactive in shutting down the cooktop. (I'm not suggesting you avoid the JA, just that you get a sense of potential issues.)

BTW, if you haven't been to the Chowhound site before. be aware that the organization of posts within threads can be confusing There is a clock icon at the top, just below the OP. You can click on it to sort posts in chronological order. However, many posts have replies as "sub-posts." Those subposts only get sorted under the lead to which they were replies. You may have to scan the thread to find the most recent discussions that I mentioned.

Here is a link that might be useful: chowhound thread.

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