ordering 2007 vehicle

luvdogsSeptember 25, 2006


Other than the time it takes to get the vehicle - is there a drawback to just ordering the exact car that you want?

My DH thinks that you'll pay more ? Is this true?


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Yes, a man will pay more, and I think it is worth it to receive exactly what you want..
Some are less fussy, but sometimes they will luck out...

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I was wanting to special order a toyota. They said it would take 120 days! But... there are some things they can do such as swapping out cloth for leather seats that doesn't take as long. You'll always get a better deal when removing inventory from their lot.

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Sometimes they have something similar to your desires on order. I bought my Honda as it was being shipped from the plant. Albeit, the only special thing I wanted was a certain color though.
Check with several dealers and see whats on order.
I agree, a special order would cost more.

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most dealerships will make you pay a couple hundred dollar "delivery" fee. You wouldn't have to pay this if it was on the lot already. Usually if the car is on the lot already it is also easier to barter a lower price.

However if you don't want the loaded model and that is the only one on the lot it would most likely be cheaper to order a car with only the features you want.

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sometimes it might pay to work with an auto broker rather than a dealer. Most Auto Brokers work with a variety of dealers and they will open the option of dealer trading a vehicle from another dealer to your local dealer for you. Most dealers won't explore this avenue as they want to sell you a vehicle that they have in inventory. The auto broker opens up options in accessing the inventory of several car dealers rather than your local dealer.

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It use to be common to order a vehical.However now days if a vehical with the options and color are not on the lot.The dealer simply locates the exact model you want.Then trades a vehical on his lot for that one.They then drive theres to that dealer and drive yours back.

You can even locate the vehical you want your self online.Then print it out and take it to the dealer of your choice and show them where it is located.

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I have always ordered my cars and have been able to buy them cheaper that way. Most dealer don't and can't afford to pay cash for the cars they have on the lot. So they finance. So the longer they are on the lot the more they have tied up in the unit. Which means they have to get more for that unit to pay for the financing end of it. I have a friend that is a VP of a local bank. She has the accounts of several large dealer. Maybe that is how she got the vp position. So if you order one they don't have anything tied up. They have so many days to pay the mfg. after delivery. And that is paid for by your purchase. So if they have no money tied up in financing they can afford to sell it a little cheaper.

Good Luck
on you purchase

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And that's one more customer that won't be removing a car they are paying floor plan on and the quicker they get rid of a vehicle the better the chances of pocketing holdback payments from the mfr. So they will definitely try to get you to take from inventory and it may take some persistence before they back down and let you special order.

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I am not sure how often the hold back is paid now. But when I was in the industry the hold back was paid once a year. The Mfg. used the hold back to pay for tooling, engineering and some advertising. The dealer has to pay a certain amout of advertising on each car. And the Mfg. pays a certain amount. But they like to use someone elses money so they don't have to tie up theirs. But I have been retire for a while so I am not sure what the procedure is now.

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**My DH thinks that you'll pay more ? Is this true?**

IMO, no as far as the money goes. It should be just the same as buying one off the lot, all things being equal. The outcome is still more up to your negotiating skills more than anything else. Here's a hint, negotiate up from the invoice price, not down from the msrp price like the salesman wants to do. In other words, tell them you'll give them $200, $500, whatever, over invoice. Also, don't forget about any factory incentives. $200 over invoice is $200 over invoice. Doesn't matter if the car is on the lot or not. Be aware that the price can vary from vehicle to vehicle so the price you pay can be plus or minus a few bucks when it arrives.

On the down side, if you order one, there's the possiblity that it might (like any other car on the lot) have some small flaw that bugs the sh*t out of you, then what? The advantage to picking one out of the inventory is you can see it right then. Drive it around and check for sqweeks, rattles, water leaks, runs in the paint, ect. Got a problem, pick another one. Order one and what it is is what it is. jmo

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