custom made med cabinets too big?

marthasinyMarch 1, 2012

I bought two AMAZING distressed wood oval mirrors (29WX35H)

weighing 11 lbs. I am having a carpenter make recessed medicine cabinets out of these to hang above my 72X24" double vanity. The recessed cabinet will be much smaller than the mirror dimensions, probably 1/2 the size and 4" deep. I know this will swing open deeper than my vanity, but I went to store that had non-recessed cabinets that swung out several inches deeper than vanity and they seemed fine. He says he can run electrical outlets, mirrors, glass shelves inside cabinet to give it a custom look. Does anyone see any issues w/this idea? I think it will be a unique look above my St James vanity from the same manufacturer.

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Yes, they are too tall and too wide for only a 72" standard height vanity.

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I also had the same idea using an antique mirror frame. I still haven't figured out all of the hinges and such, but I think it is a great idea. Other than the fact that they swing out further than the vanity, which I don't see as a problem, have you tried them above the vanity to see if you like the way they look size wise? Let me know how this works out, we are still at the bare stud stage so have time to adjust for the recess'es.

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I think they could work, but with the proportion of frame-to-glass, make sure the glass will be large enough for grooming. To see all that you'd want to see.

One other concern would be if you have a tall faucet that forces the mirror to be mounted higher up on the wall so the frame can clear the faucet when opened. Then you'd have a high mirror with a wide frame. A short person coupled with the wide frame could result in an incomplete reflection.

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You will have 60" of mirror and only 72" of vanity. That's not enough room for proper negative space around them. You only have 12" of room in between them if you line them up with the edge of the vanity right against the wall----and that might not center them over the bowls. They are 36" tall, and with a 36" tall vanity, plus a 4" backsplash, that puts the majority of the glass over your head rather than at eye level. It will feel like you are a kid brushing your teeth at the "big peoples" vanity to have so much glass high up. If you have the shorter 32" vanities and skip a backsplash, the height might work, but you're still left with the width issue.

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Here is a link to a pic of the vanity with the mirrors (from the store). I changed the vanity top to crema marble and a darker wood for the vanity finish w/bisquit sinks. The faucets are a tad higher than what is shown and are in polished nickel. I held them up on my bathroom wall (pre-renovated) just now, and although I am short (5' tall), it seems to be able to work w/my height and DH at 6'. I have a 3' backsplash I am accounting for and sconces above it. So far, it does 'seem' like it would work...

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity and Mirrors

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There is no picture when I open your link. Can you post it in this thread?

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Does this link work?

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Not sure how to embed pics in post so I also posted here:

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Figured it out at last. This is vanity I ordered (but I have darker finish w/crema marble top and bisquit sinks). My faucets are an inch or so higher but same vintage style. 3 inch marble backsplash. Scones will be above mirrors about 2 inches down from 8 foot ceiling.

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The height of the mirrors you posted (lower edge to upper edge) doesn't look like 35 inches to me (as indicated on the Renovation hardware site) but with the frame, maybe it is a bit of optical illusion (or something like that)?? Is that the same mirror? The design/style is very nice IMO but the size looks smaller in your photo than the dimensions posted - just thought I'd mention in case that was important.

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Yup same exact mirror and 72 inch vanity. Mirror is 29WX35H
I know what you mean, it doesnt look as big as it really is, but the dimensions are correct and I double checked today in the store. I was also thinking of using this ready made one because I could avoid complicating it w/a carpenter:

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