Alternator RPM

Pooh BearSeptember 3, 2006

What RPM should an alternator spin at

to put out max power.

I'm am wanting to build a portable power supply.

Let an alternator charge a battery, run 12vdc stuff off that,

or hook up an inverter and run 110vac stuff off that.

I tried running my inverter off the tractor battery,

but I had to run the tractor at full throttle to keep up.

Otherwise I kept getting a low voltage warning beep.

So I want to run an alternator off the PTO at idle speed.

and use a speed increaser to increase the RPM.

PTO speed at idle is about 200RPM.

What should the alternator RPM be.

I already have a water pump I run at 2800 RPM.

I use a 14:1 speed increaser.

If 2800RPM is about right I will run it off that shaft.

Or use pulleys to change the RPM.


Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear, read this article and I think you will be all set.


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Pooh Bear

Great article thanks.

So I guess about 5000 RPM. I need a 2:1 pulley setup for it.

Alternator pulleys are what, 3 inches,
so I need a 6 inch pulley on the 2800 RPM shaft.
I'll measure this all to make sure.

Thanks a lot.

Pooh Bear

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