tensioner noise

joe_mnSeptember 27, 2010

96 caddy northstar motor. tensioner is making clicking/snapping sound. not so much growling. i used stethoscope and it is tensioner arm. pulley is 2yrs old and very quiet. spins with no sound. idler pulley is 5 months old. can spring loaded tensioner arm make noises when they fail? the sound is a clicking/snapping sound. not a growl like a bad bearing.

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Inspect the timing belt (over its entire length).

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i meant the serp belt. i got a new tensioner today. noise is now gone. it bolts to front of motor directly over the front cover where the timing chain/tensioners are. got me thinking it might be timing chain making noise. there is a cam driven waterpump and belt/tensioner on other end of front head. hard to believe how many bit and pieces are on some newer cars.

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I think you found the problem. Tensioner noise for serpentine belts is a common problem. But do examine the belt for signs of cracking and/or breaking up.

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