fuel tank pressure sensor too high

johnohSeptember 13, 2006

Hi I have the above check engine code (P0453) on my 1997 AND 2000 crown vics. I can take it to the local shop who will troubleshoot it for $80 but I wanted to ask if anyone had advice as to what I might try on my own first to figure it out. Different gas caps on the tanks do not make a difference btw. Thanks!

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You might want to send this out. Your code has nothing to
do with the gas cap. It's either exhaust gas positioning
valve on top of your E.G.R. or the purge valve on the carbon canister. That one vents the gas tank. Again another
home owner trying to fix the car and causing more problems
for the tech. that has to fix it when all else fails.
You probably have a sensor problem with your pressure
control valve.

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