personal gas question

pawprint1September 11, 2005

Are you faithful to one gas station or gas brand?

Before the gas prices hit the roof I would drive out of my way for a Shell station. And pay a few cents extra a gallon. Now that weÂre still over $3.00 a gallon I have been cheating and going closer to home for cheaper gas.

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I'm not faithful to gasoline brands. I'm a lot more faithful to stations that I like, such as those that have convenient in and out access, wide lanes between the pumps so it doesn't become a traffic jam in there, well maintained and stocked towel dispensers, and window washing water that's kept replenished.

I do not believe there is much, if any, difference between gasoline brands, so I'll go to the off-brand stations if they are nice in the ways I mentioned above. I do avoid gas with ethanol in it if I can because my vehicles get poorer gas mileage on that than they do on straight gasoline.

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nope, they all use the same fungable product, theres no diff. when we pump gasoline say shell for instance it goes to all companys, same with marathon,citgo,and the rest, so buy whatever is cheapest, its all the same. also no need to spring for premium if you dont need it same detergents go in all grades

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I go for a combination of cheepest I can find and easiest station to get in and out of. I won't wait in a mob with 30 cars when I can drive down the street, pay 2 cents more per gallon and be on my way. Hope the price goes down. Tomorrow sometime will be fill up day for me again.

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I patronize two stations in particular. One is the nearest one that carries "B20" -- diesel fuel that is 20% biodiesel. The car runs better on it and it's that much less oil that has to be imported. The other station is the one I use when it is not convenient to get to the biodiesel station -- and I go there because they move a lot of diesel fuel and it's always fresh and cheaper than at many stations along the freeways. That does make me fairly price-insensitive.

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NOPE!! I go for the Cheap stuff. The local HESS station is normally the cheapest. i wont go to a place thats dirty and rough looking though. Never had a problem with HESS gas. Same MPG as Shell.

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I try to stick with BP just because thats what I buy localy.When I buy from different areas I look for a station that appears to sell a lot of gas.I avoid the ones that look like they get a dozen customers a day.That way I know the gas is not old.Also if they set in a low area I avoid them to lessen the chances of gas with water contamination.

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Nissan told me to stay away from BP. I've heard many oxygen sensor problems due to BP gas and Nissans.

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its all the same pawprint1, bp uses everybodys gas, so do the rest of the companys, they trade product back and forth all day everyday.

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I don't even have to leave the house to have a personal gas problem! However, I do buy whatever is cheapest for my car.

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