His 'n' hers bathrooms?

bpathomeFebruary 20, 2014

After seeing some ginormous master baths and reading the comments about commode closets, I wonder: why not his and her bathrooms? Either two full, or two half baths. You get all the privacy you want, a sink and storage at hand, and you could, I guess, have a common shower?

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We have his n hers bathrooms in the condo we're staying in while we build, and I have to admit that it's pretty nice. We each have a toilet, sink and shower.

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Jack Kennedy

my parents have separate bathrooms and i think it saved their marriage. We have a ginormous bathroom at our house, and would much prefer two smaller ones. Huge showers take a century to clean with all the grout. Next time the baths are re-modeled or the new house gets built they will be slab walls on kohler cast iron bases.

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Really, I'm not in cahoots, but when I opened my Tribune this a.m. there is an article on the "Best in American Living Awards" from the National Association of Home Builders meeting in Las Vegas. Lead paragraph is on the rise of his'n'hers bathrooms, called marriage preservation, and a "break from the ballroom size bathroom spaces" of recent years. Who knew?

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my brother and sister in law have a his and hers master bath they love it his has a huge shower, hers has a big tub, shower and fireplace....
another comment he does all the housework......actually he's a househusband....

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His and Her Baths are the best feature we had built in our last home. The rooms were not the "luxury" size of most current homes, but they suited us and I think helped sell the home. I really miss having that luxury. I also miss having a walk in closet outside of the bathroom. One of us has to do a lot of waiting around to get our clothes when the other is having private time in the bathroom.

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I wish we had the space! I'd love to have the shower in one room and the tub in another. You could have so much fun decorating, too! Woodsy and dark/paneled look for the him and light, airy Victorian for me...with a claw foot tub :)

It's interesting that there's so much focus on game rooms, bonus rooms, kids' play space, kitchens, etc. but not really a girlie area and a masculine area So much fun to have a little personal space in so many of these gender-neutral houses!

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What about a his'n'hers house?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hahaha! DH and I have teased before about having a duplex, but I told him I'd be over his place all the time anyway as he's the one who remembers to buy the milk!

As far as 2 baths in one, frankly, I'm not that fond of cleaning toilets....I'd much rather a toilet and a separate urinal. It would keep the toilet much neater.

They do make very fancy ones.

Contemporary ones

Or very simple and small ones.

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Its not a bad idea, however it kind of seems like it drifts a couple apart somehow. You start with this and end up with separate twin bed

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