OT Can I just tell you how much I appreciate this forum!

luvstocraftFebruary 1, 2011

Today was a very draining, emotional one for me. Really tested my resolution to "take it one day at a time" and "stay positive" for sure. Got some test results on DH and confirmation of the initial diagnoses--not good news! In spite of my best efforts to control them, the tears have been spilling down my cheeks way too much today. After spending an hour or so doing more research on the computer tonight, I just really needed something light and fun and pretty to think about before going to bed. All I can say is thank God for all of you and your creativity and the way you share ideas and pictures that give so much pleasure. Now I can go to sleep thinking about "candy shots", antique cabinets, wonderful purchases, pretty dishes, and a very creative wonderful group of forum friends. Much thanks to each of you for the wonderful posts you do. ;o)


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My heart just breaks for you, Luvs. And let those tears fall, you deserve to have a good cry. Your life has been turned upside down and inside out with your DH's illness.
I hope and pray during the coming year, you can find a lot of comfort here. This place is a Lifeline for me, and I'm sure others feel the same. We all need a good "escape" at times and this is the best place to be!

You are in my heart and prayers, always.
hugs, Karen

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Luvs, I'm so sorry to hear about the outcome on your husband's tests..
My heart breaks too for you.
Karen is right - let the tears fall.
A good cry is equally as healthy as a good laugh.
It's nature's way of helping us release some anxiety and fear.
It's good to know you find comfort in coming here, I know I do.
Our little forum is a wonderful 'home away from home', and
when needed, healthy doses of laughter, comfort and support.
We're here for you Luvs.
I'm praying for continued Faith - strength and courage to help you and your husband get through this.


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That little saying taped here at my keyboard pops up again as I read your post, luvs...We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Thank you for thinking of your friends here on the forum & am so thankful that we have each other to laugh with, comfort & enjoy. Good thoughts & prayers coming to you, your DH, family & friends...yes, each day at a time...always seems like an impossible task...but well worth the effort. Hugs to you, luvs. Jeanne S.

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I am so incredibly sorry, (((Luvs))).
Please know that you have friends here who care.
I love the quote Jeanne mentioned. It says so much, so simply.
Still, I know that this has shaken you to the core. And, it's not something that you or anyone else can "make all better".
A good cry can do wonders for a start, and then perhaps you can get on with the dealing with the new reality of it, one day at a time. I absolutely don't mean to trivialize it, either. This is a tough diagnosis. Lean on your friends and family. Your minister if you have one.
I'll keep you and your DH in my prayers . . . for strength, for some rest, for good specialists to help you deal with this and, eventually, some peace.
Call or email me if you ever need to talk.

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((hugs) My heart just breaks for you. 9 years ago I walked a very similar path that you are on. I would loved to have the beauty of this forum to come to and escape. I did have internet friends on another forum that kept me sane and I value their friendship to this day. Crying is a good release - I did it a lot in the shower where I just felt it cleansed me both inside and out. The most important thing to remember as you and your husband continue on this journey is that it is NOT selfish to feel you need time to your self and an escape. If coming here is your escape then by all means come and know that you have a very loving group of friends to share the good and the bad .....again many (((((HUGS))))) .....


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(((LUVS))) How awful for you and your husband.
Your tears are the release that you need.
I am sure you will find the strength you need as you travel down this path.
May the good Lord hold you in the palm of his hand.
Remember, as everyone has said we are here for you.

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Oh, Luvs, how I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. I hate feeling so worthless when a friend is hurting. I know you are both heart sick and scared. I'm glad you can come here for a little reprieve. I should think that when a newbie visits here, he/she may not realize what a tight little community some of us have formed. Remember when you said, "We talk to each other everyday."
Remember to keep "talking" to us. Don't hesitate to write a few lines. It may be a way to release some of the worry - sort of like keeping a journal.
And cry all you want. (Lynnencfan, do you think crying in the shower is a woman's thing? I do that too.)

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You are all so wonderful, thank you for all your support, caring, and prayers. It truly does mean allot to us. I'll make sure to remember about "crying in the shower" and I'm taking Jeanne's little message to heart for sure.

I didn't learn much new yesterday--but was very upset by the way the doctor presented information to me. I'm not ignorant and I've done some research--what I wanted was ways to cope with where we are now and suggestions on preparing for future changes and how best to help DH. What I got was a whispered "doom and gloom" dialoge which excluded my DH almost completely. Looking back, I should have stopped her asked for our copies of the papers and gone home and waited to discuss them with his regular doctor. On top of that, the paperwork was obviously a form already on her computer and used for other patients because one section says "her" repeatedly because she obviously forgot to change that part to "him". I guess I am naive to expect paperwork specifically prepared for DH. I hope the test results will be helpful to our doctor in some way, but right now I feel like they were a waste of our time! Oops! Sorry--guess I just needed to vent. I am learning as I go, but I now realize that my job is to care for and protect my DH in every way I can----even if it is from rude, inconsiderate specialists! Enough said--on with the fun decorating that I love. We'd better hurry, Valentine's will soon be here!

Thanks for your caring and comforting words everyone, thanks for being there during my "meltdown". Today is a new day and "what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger", right?


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'Today is a new day and "what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger", right'...

Well said Luvs..keep remembering this and keep that upbeat spirit going.
We never know the inner strength we have until we're tested.
Unfortunately there are Doctors (NOT ALL)
that treat 'the condition' and tend to forget there's a 'patient' to treat. It's so important for both you and your husband to not only have a good doctor, but a compassionate one as well.
Perhaps someone can recommend another.
As far as your 'melt down'... Melt Away!!


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Luvs, sent you an email, I could not log in here!

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Oh Luvs,
I am so sorry to hear your news. Thoughts and Prayers coming your way!!
As everybody else has said, we are here to listen and send our support. Please know we are all giving you a shoulder here to cry on and sending you as much positive energy as we can!!
This is such a caring, thoughtful group and I am glad you get some relief from your stress by the posts and the group responses.

Let us know if we can do anything besides send you our T & P's.



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Luvs, what happened yesterday is terrible! Jane summed her up. Hope your regular doctor will help you with all your questions the next time you see him.

Tears reveal alot about us. There's a reason when they flow. I think they give us alot of relief. Big Girls Do Cry!(Some in the shower)

I'm not as good with words as some of the others here but want you to know I will keep on praying for you, DH and family. Your right, your job is to care for and protect your DH in every way you can.

Glad we can be here and help you through some of your hard times. Knowing you had such a bad day yesterday is breaking my heart. Guess I will go finish my Valentine Table and say some prayers for you now.

Take Care My Dear Friend,


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I pop in here from time to time. So sorry to hear you are going through a rough time & hope your regular dr. can be a little more encouraging! I do want you to know that I will be praying for both of you & your medical team. Several of my friends & I have "lost" our drs as Ca. is becoming too big a pain to work in. My dr. is checking out AZ. Hugs & prayers for good treatments & better days ahead. Jan

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