Towel warmers

omabMarch 14, 2008

Practically speaking, what size towel warmer is best to keep the dampness out of two bath towels? Should it be tall so two towels can hang above each other or can they hang side by side with a bit of overlap and still get reasonably dry between uses?

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We just bought a floor type that you plug in. I think I'd prefer a larger one that 2 towels can go side by side, NOT over each other. Also if you can, get one that can be left on or timed so you don't constantly have to check/watch over it.
I guess it depends how much you want to spend. I didn't spend much, so mine minimally warms before the bath and dries one towel after. Mind you I have very thick towels too.
HTH : )

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If someone can post info on towel warmers, (reasonably priced) it would truly help. Lately, I seem to spend all my waking days (and nights) searching the net for products.

I, too, am interested in one with a timer, but because of space concerns, I need an over/under. White or brushed nickel would also work well. Anyone with any recommendations? I have heard that Runtal is very good, but a little expensive.

Didn't mean to hijack your thread, omab, but sometimes I get a little desperate, especially when it's a topic I need help with, as well. :)


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Here's ours, between the tub and shower.

It's a Warmrails, which is the only reasonably priced towel warmer I could find. It was about $150 online. It warms/dries 2 towels nicely, and works for me showering in the am and DH in the pm. We actually don't fold them in half (that was just for show in the photo), but rather spread them out in a single layer (they're a little wider than the rack).

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Nice.........wish I had spent my $ on that style/type! Looks good and you can do 2!! Well if it comes down to warmer towels I guess I'll try my warming drawer in the range next : ) LOL

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Weedy, hope you aren't tired of hearing that your bath is stunning...

Very elegant, one of the nicest tub install pics I've ever seen, including in the design mags.

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Another vote for the Warmrails- I have the stand alone model (for my robe and towel next to my tub) and will mount one like Weedy's on the wall for exiting the shower. I love the floor model- it says on the box to run it continuously so I plan to. I showered at lunch and left my damp towel and robe on it and just checked it and both are dry and warm, ready for my bath tonight! I got the floor model at Bed Bath & Beyond online clearanced for $39.99 plus a few bucks for shipping. LOVE IT! Waiting on my wall unit I ordered from Vintage Tubs- Amazon has them also.

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Does anyone know if the Warmrails wallmount product requires a dedicated circuit, like a 20 amp breaker or any other special wiring? Or will a regular outlet do? And does the Warmrails wallmount come with a timer for the $150.00?

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Oruboris: Yes, I absolutely hate when people tell me our bath is beautiful. (don't) stop! ;-)

Mommielady: No dedicated circuit needed. Ours is plugged into the same outlet as the tub pump, so it's a GFCI, but that's not required. I don't think ours has a timer. You could always get one of those after-market light timers, and plug it into that. And browse through warmrails' site to see the options on each model.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warmrails

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I was working late last night, got sleepy and had difficulty concentrating. Went to the Warmrails site but found it a little difficult to navigate, but it may have just been me or my computer. I will try again later, but whenever I clicked the $$$ icon, it never gave me specific pricing.

It said that some models were plug-in and 'adaptable to become hard-wired; I just couldn't tell which. So I threw in the towel and went to bed. :) Is yours hardwired or plug-in?

Eagle-eye Anne

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As best as I can tell, they only have three hardwired a shelf and two larger ones.

On the Warmrails link in the previous post, look under "PRODUCTS". They have a HW (hardwired) Towel Shelf, Regent, and Kensington model. There is also a yellow "Hard Wired Wall Mount" box to click on in the main page.

At least those are the only hardwired ones I see.


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Ours could go either hardwired or plug-in. We could have gone either way, but ended up with the latter.

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Weedyacres- Your bathroom is beautiful. Can you tell me which model Warmrails yours is? Also, did you buy it online? Thanks Jackie

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Here's the link to it and where I bought it, though I only paid $150. It's called the Kensington.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warmrails Kensington

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Thanks for the link. I thought it looked liked the Kensington (which is the one I want) but every place I check the price is $209. You got a great deal. Thanks again.

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$209? And worth every penny of it.

It does also come in a slightly smaller model (same design) which is was I got. I was able to price match with Vintage Tub and Amazon had it for $111 so that is what I paid for it. Honestly, after using it, I'd have paid more!

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ladycfp - I checked Amazon and they have the Kensington for $178 so that is where I will order from. Thanks.

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Does anyone know if most of the rail type towel warmers are meant to be left "on" all the time, like Warmrails?
(Seems like a lot of electricity when not in use.)

Haven't started to look at them yet, but just assumed you would turn it on shortly before you showered and a timer would turn it off later.

Also, do you neatly fold the damp towel and replace on the rack, or leave it spread out to dry over the rack?
May seem like silly questions, but I've never used one. TIA

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The Warmrails uses very little electricity according to the box. Even the box states it is intended to be left on at all times. I would think you would spread out the damp towel on it and cover it with another towel to maximize toastiness of the underlying towel. That is how I understand it. I only used my freestanding one a couple days before they gutted my bathroom but I loved it. I will use a freestanding one next to my tub and mount one on the wall outside the shower.

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It is my understanding that only having it on for a few minutes before/after the shower would not to be of any benefit.

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We leave ours on all the time, and it didn't make our electric bill jump. It's not just to warm up your towel before your shower, but to dry it more quickly afterwards. And I like the idea that there's always a dry, warm towel at the ready should I decide to shower at an abnormal time.

We also spread the towels out over the whole rack (see photo above with them folded; we don't do that) to maximize the area that gets warmed.

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It seems as though every decision I have had to make with this remodel has been gut-wrenching, filled with back and forth options, and extremely time-consuming regarding researching product information. I was not looking forward to a great deal of internet time hunting for a good towel rack product. Thanks so much for all the good personal references on this product, so that at least ONE decision may not be so difficult. :)

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I have a towel warmer that we got a while back, supposed to be hardwired and I've just never gotten around to tackling the electrical work. There's easy access to power in the wall where it'll go tho. I just never find time. I want to include a reostat to control the temp but otherwise I think it's pretty simple. Anyone have a clue what it would cost to have a real electrician come in and get it done?


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