97 VW Golf - Check Engine Light

mister_hSeptember 7, 2007

My distant relative is selling this car with 130K miles. She says the car has had a recent major tune up done but her longtime mechanic (not authorized VW shop) could not shut off the Check Engine light because he doesn't have the right software. She says the car runs perfect and no other problem (than the Check Engine light). As is, she will let go for only $1000 just for me, even though KBB avg price is $2500.

It would not pass the smog check with the Check-Engine light on, would it?

If a faulty component that's causing the Check-Engine light to come on was replaced by the mechanic, would the light go off automatically or would it still require somekind of software to turn it off as the mechanic claims? The only component that caused the Check Engine light to come on with good running engine was O2 sensor in my experience.

Any input on this?

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I am not familar with your car, but at 130,000 miles, I suppose that the change out of the oxygen sensor(s) is/are overdue. In some cars, a "maintence required" light comes on when the manufacturer's deems it is time to change the oxygen sensors. In your case, it may be the Check-Engine light. In general, changing the oxygen sensor(s) will not re-set this code.

This code is stored in non-volatile memory and can not be removed by disconnecting the battery. In most cases, this code can not be removed by consumer code readers, but requires an 'authorized' code reader/re-seter. Professional code readers can reset this code, and mechanics using such equipment are bound by law in many states not to remove this code unless they have changed the oxygen sensor(s) or are certain that something else was amiss such as a malfunctioning "engine control" unit (computer) and that part was replaced.

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