Tec Grout? Anyone familiar with colors? Bill V?

positanoMarch 11, 2012


My tile guy prefers to use Tec Grout, we are using white subways on the wall and marble hex 1" mosaic for the floor(honed). I have used laticrete before (silver shadow) on white subway and liked the color. What would be similar in Tec, but maybe a little lighter? I'm thinking Silverado.

And for the floor I would like to go a little darker. Maybe Dove Gray? Do you think Deloreon would be to dark? I want it to hide a little dirt!

Thank You!!

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We used Dove Gray on our white subway walls and De Lorean Gray on the marble mosaic floor. Very happy with the choices. I didn't want any blue in the gray, and there isn't any.

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LOL Positano, just realized you already knew...duh

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I was going to post that I knew you had used those colors!!I don't want blue either. I was just wondering what the next shade lighter than dove gray was for the subways. Do you think Deloreon gray with hex mosaic will work?

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I chose the Delorean because it's kind of a light "dirt" color. The tile we ripped up was white porcelain hex tile and the grout got really dirty in the walking paths. I wanted to avoid the "scrubbing with a toothbrush" thing. The Delorean doesn't look too dark for me--but I think the Dove Gray would be fine, too. Here is a closeup of the tile and grout with Delorean: (The camera was turning everything "golden"-it isn't quite this tan-more gray.)

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We used TEC silverado with our white subway tiles in our bathroom.
It looks beautiful. We also used it with honed marble hex tiles on the floor.
It looks nice on the floor but doesn't make the hex tiles pop as much as I'd like. I wish I had gone one step darker for the floor.

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Thanks for the picture Shanghaimom! I just love that floor. Deloreon gray looks perfect and you will never have a problem with the grout looking dirty.

francoise47- do you have any pictures of your silverado? Does it have blue in it, or just a light gray?
I would love to see pictures since we are doing the same elements as you.


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My 1 inch honed marble hex is going in today! I got it online at Builders Direct Depot for $10.95sf and have to say it is excellent quality. I saw it on Wild Ink blog and dreamed about it for a while!!

Obviously we have not done the grout yet,
I have narrowed it down toTec Deloreon Gray or Mist. I was worried the DG would be too dark. The mist is a tad lighter. My tile guy is going to do a sample of each so I can see. This bath will be used by the whole family so I want the grout to hide things!

For the Subways I am going to go with Silverado, a very light gray.

Do you think Deloreon Gray will be too dark? The pictures make the hex seem busier than it is. I am putting in a gray vanity painted amazing gray by sherwin williams.

Thanks for the input! Grout is a tough decision!

From Bathroom Renovation From Bathroom Renovation From Bathroom Renovation

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Hi Positano,

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to find pictures of my bathroom floor.
None of these photos show the floor very clearly.
But what you see is honed carrara marble hex floor with TEC Silverado grout.
We also used Silverado for the subway tile on the wall.

I love the Silverado for the subway tile walls -- it gives a very subtle definition.
But, I wish I had gone a shade on the floor for a more graphic look.

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Oh Francoise, thank you so much. This is perfect timing since I have to make a decision this morning. Your bathroom is gorgeous!!

I am going with the silverado on the white subways, and mist on the floor.

Are you subways tiles white?

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Dear Positano,

Thanks for the complements on the bath.
One of these days I hope to have some proper finished pictures
of both bathrooms we've renovated in the past six months.

Yes, my wall tiles are white.

I think your choices for grout sounds just right.
I look forward to seeing your finished bathroom pixtures.
It is shaping up to be so beautiful!

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