My lease is almost up..... help please

sharon620September 2, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I am just seeking the advice of the board to see what kind of SUV I should buy. Or car for that matter with AWD.

My lease is up soon and I was all set to go to a car but when I recently drove my son to college ( in the middle of Phila) I did feel a little more secure in my SUV. Call me weird but it was just a feeling. The gas mileage gave me another feeling...haha

Could you suggest or tell me anything that you really like or don't like in and SUV or car? I know it is my decision but public input is more valueble than you think

Thanks so much


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how bout the ford 500/taurus its larger, and can be had with awd, gets decent mpg, and they make a wagon version if u need the utility of a suv.

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